Who Let The Dogs Out: Strays Becoming A Menace

Posted on July 6, 2012 in Society

By Sonakshi Madan:

Are you scared of dogs? So am I. The credit for that goes to Sheroo. That monster Sheroo has not escaped from my memory even now. I was of around 5 years of age at the time and that hellion chased behind my 2-year-old sister. Me, the elder protective sister, zoomed to save the younger one (as every didi would have done at that time) and in return for my heroic act, I was greeted with a kiss from Sheroo with his razor-sharp jumbo-sized teeth on my hand which slashed my skin (I still have that mark on my hand). I hope now you know the reason that why I freeze at the very sight of dogs. Since then nothing has changed in my locality except for the multiplication in number of Sheroos.

The menace has grown unbearable. Young kids are unable to move around freely in locality. Sometimes people are unable to go on errands even at daytime. School children are the ones who are adversely affected by this peril. They are nearly scared to death by the stray dogs and eventually cross frenziedly across the streets and run haphazardly on the main roads. They are likely to fall before the fast moving vehicles and meet with accidents.

In the growing years, where kids ought to be enjoying outdoor games in the evenings they have no options left except staying indoors because of the fury of the stray mongrels. Few months ago, the fury of these wild dogs resulted in multiple fractures to a young girl in the colony whose scooter skidded while she was being chased by the street dogs of the locality. They even spill all the contents of trash bin and spread them throughout the street, sometimes even creating garbage hillocks. I have even spent many sleepless nights listening to the not-so-soothing music of barking of dogs because if one starts barking, rests of them follow.

Dog-lovers and animal rights enthusiasts might term me as heartless. Even I am not in the favour of brutal and inhumane methods of trapping dogs and killing them. I totally support the people fighting for the rights of dogs. Trapping of dogs is not the long term solution but the danger they pose to the public is a matter of concern. Neutering might prove to be a stable solution and dog compounds which take care and put them up for adoption can be built. I hope authorities wake up and smell the coffee and help solve this issue soon because this is not only the problem of only my locality, as Sheroos are everywhere.