Are “Apps” Really Saving Us?

Posted on August 10, 2012 in Environment, Sci-Tech

By Aarthi Sundaram:

Where will all this end up? This, very-general seeming question is bound to have occurred to you at least once in your life, when you take some time off your gruelling schedule. Yes, I am referring to today’s technology which is advancing exponentially thanks to the highly developed electronics industry. What existed at the start of the millennium, barely ten years back is now ancient history according to today’s young generation.

Mobile phones without cameras are mocked at, phones with mere buttons and no touch are supposed to be coming from the museum! What change has a mere decade inflicted upon us! It might seem amazing at first and we might feel awed at the power of human technology, but as we view this in the long-term scenario, we have landed ourselves in a pathetic situation.

I plan to draw attention to a fact that has dawned on a few people these days. Why only few people? Because others are too busy being entertained by smart phones. Thousands of models of smart phones are launched every day. People are never satisfied, as there is always something better and more efficient model out there in the market. Times are gone when babies needed pacifiers to calm down, what they demand these days are smart phones. Millions of apps are available in the market. And we have to admit; almost ninety five percent of them are pointless. In fact, many app makers have even been prosecuted for having harmful and controversial content in them. People have been completely carried away. They don’t understand that Mother Earth is dying every minute they spend having pointless fun.

Of the billions of money, time and ideas used every month by smart phone makers and movie production companies in the name of entertainment, if at least fifty percent are invested in funding research driven to providing solutions to today’s energy crisis, our world would be a better place. Why don’t we use our education and the awesome technology that we possess today, to help our planet survive? We have all the money, ideas and resources. So, why don’t we utilize the current electronics industry to provide energy solutions rather than making apps to waste time?

I hope you get my message.
Long Live Mother Earth.