Beauty And/Or Brains: Let The Debate Begin

Posted on August 9, 2012 in Specials

By Shaifali Agrawal:

Google “beauty” and you’ll get 3,090,000,000 results, whereas “brains” will get you only about 7 billion results.

Beauty or brains” used to be a long debate with no clear winner in earlier times, but now the scenario has changed. Beauty will win any day.

Dumb blondes and intelligent Asians in TV sitcoms set the rule of thumb again, making ‘fairness’ synonymous with beauty, and working on the mainstream intellect that beauty and brains don’t go together. Then obviously, the gen-Y would go for beauty, if you can’t have both. Most students would want to look nice, than get good grades. Bollywood and Vogue, the two things on a youngster’s mind these days do not help by promoting perfect plastic figure and a fair spotless face in a new magazine each month. How many of us apply for various quizzes to get brainy? Not many, unfortunately. But ask about which one gives better result: Olay Natural White Day Cream or Garnier Light? And we’ll have a million girls to let us know from their experiences of using both as to which one they like better.

The problem is the mind-set that you have to choose one. And that’s where it gets depressing. Anyone would want to choose to be attractive in this fake world where we try to impress our superiors and envy our enemies. And in this competitive world, you can’t really survive without an average amount of white matter.

Infact, beauty has got nothing to do with brains. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Like Paris Hilton said, if the girl is confident, she is sexy. And you feel confident when you know all the answers in a test, don’t you? Moreover, in the world of make-up and personalities, we have glasses and teeth wires (traditionally, a combo to draw a dork) which has become a new fashion statement now.

Plato’s famous saying “We Behold Beauty in the Mind” throws a clear light on beauty being only skin-deep. So, I guess it’s time we debate if it should be ‘beauty and brains’ or ‘beauty or brains’, and let’s see which one gets away with maximum votes!