Contesting To Win Or To Serve: Elections In India

Posted on August 17, 2012

By Himanshu Sharma:

Like most conversations that I have about politics, my recent one with family was concluded by my father’s remark. He highlighted that politics is very dirty today and people like us can’t make in it. It made me wonder, how can politics be dirty? After all it is just selection of people suitable and over all accepted for a public welfare job.

Later that night while chatting with one of my friends, he mentioned that he wished to contest for the General Secretary post in his college. I asked, what are the responsibilities or role of that post, he said he is not aware of it yet. Further, he mentioned that he might not win as other guy who will contest is from political background. Things can get dirty.

Bang! Then it struck me, people don’t contest elections to serve but to win.

Honestly, if anyone will make such enormous efforts like our candidates do today for winning elections, they will surely get confused about their goals. We hail them as winners, superior and don’t know what else, just for winning elections. Why should we? They can be compared to athletes selected for Olympics team to represent a country. We never hail athletes for selections. We make them heroes only after they have won and achieved their goals. Let politicians achieve what they promised, and then we can make them heroes.

Wow, that was simple and so obvious if we look around. Congress giving most stupid comments to undermine anyone against them, BJP cursing back, vote bank politics, reservations and what not. Local election, college election or any other election has always been about winning not serving. I thought what a candidate should really do when they contest. Well, I think they should present their case as to how they are suited for that particular job. Cases, presentations or proposals of all candidates should be made available readily and easily to voters.

Done, no extra ordinary effort made on candidates part for which they might feel like they have already achieved something. Also we should have documented goals of each candidate to compare if he/she is elected to SERVE.

We really need to simplify elections so that good candidates can come up. Like for winning Olympics medal we all agree that we need a much bigger talent pool, same way we need more and more people contesting so that WE CAN CHOOSE THE BEST FOR THE JOB. Only simplification of election procedure will achieve that.

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