Crippled Education System Of Our Country

Posted on August 10, 2012 in Education

By Rohit Mandal:

Success has a new definition in my eyes now. My fellow mates are placed at certain jobs. While I am here jingling coins in my pockets when I go for fruitless walks every evening.

The IT companies today are recruiting on a mass scale, the sheer number baffles me. What are they going to do with all those ‘graduates‘? Most of my friends go to office, browse facebook and come back in the evening, while getting paid. Economic crunch comes as a result of this.

Engineering is supposed to be a practical discipline, yet we are made to mug up values which are already well printed on books. Exploring the new should be the motto rather than rubbing the already known facts on our faces. Innovation is seldom heard of in our country because of this very reason. Over the four years of my study, I have at close quarters witnessed this ugly cycle of life. Though they can’t compete in overall calibre, yet they are considered better since they have the ability to produce what they study with super human precision. But putting it on paper does not mean it has touched all the cells in our brain. Understanding something and learning something are two different things.

An objective style of in depth study will always triumph over a subjective stagnant one. The basis for recruitment should be reconsidered all over.