Diary Writing A Passé? Definitely Not

Posted on August 3, 2012 in Culture-Vulture

By Soumya Kundra:

When your happiness knows no bounds and cloud 9 is your abode; when you wish to share every small feeling of yours with somebody who is non judgemental about your thoughts , your victories , your dreams and desires; when you want to open your heart out to somebody and cannot really find who that somebody is, don’t worry! Just pick up a pen & paper and start writing every little thing that you wanted to share.

Trust me! The white, mute pages of a diary have the ability to become your best buddy.You can tell them about your recent achievements , your crushes , your love , your enemy , your relationships with various people , your day to day activities which bring a smile to your face and about the things which cause deadly boredom. “The unspeakable listener” as we may call it —your silent diary won’t just be your friend in your good times but will also absorb all your sorrows and distress.

There are times when a corner in a dark room seems the perfect place to be. A place where there is not a single soul around. When everything around us seems gloomy and melancholic. Some incident in our life has left us dejected and despondent. Your “Dear diary” will come to your rescue again where you can pen down every minute detail of your encounter. There will be a feeling of appeasement as if the fire inside you has been pacified to an extent.

And when you want to walk down the memory lane and review the stupidities you had done in the past, (whether it was having a crush on the dumbest girl/guy or demanding the stupidest thing from your parents or making hoopla about a lame thing), you can always open up your diary and go through the pages which have turned yellow and mellow. They surely will bring a smile to your face and believe me that smile will be unparalleled and unique.

There are some memories in life which we want to hold on to and that small diary will be the best place you would want to store those choicest remembrances. The diary will also help you hold on to the rapture , the bliss of being a teenager when you read it in your 50’s and. while you pen down the things that you strongly feel and believe in , you would feel like you are meeting your own conscience . Definitely a great feeling!

So guys pick up a pen and paper! Happy writing.