Harmony: The New Order Of Survival

Posted on August 5, 2012 in Environment

By Karthik Ganesh:

I ought to agree. It’s a really crazy world out there! In a crazily short lifespan of 6000 years, we humans have evolved from being primitive apes and brought before us the new order, a world (supposedly!) to yearn for. Rather than progressing we have evolved and got ourselves attuned to a new dispensation. Today we have amazing technology, skyscrapers hugging the skyline, celebrities hogging the limelight, loads of creations that blow our minds off but have we ever given a cognitive thought to the fact that do we have the much required equilibrium in our lives?

Have we ever given a thought about the repercussions that our actions have on the biodiversity of this planet? The gullible have fell prey to their comprehension of the theory of evolution and now audaciously preach the ideals of the Survival Of The Fittest theory on the grounds of being cognizant and pragmatic.

Cynics have come up with the nefarious argument of our right to destroy the flora and fauna on mother planet because of our autonomy over the food chain and our perspicacious nature. The need of the hour, on the part of these dunderheads is to prove that our “sagacious nature” supersedes the right of the various other organisms to live (an egregious argument!), which would certainly not be bought by any sane or rational person of the society.

Instead of coexisting and leading a ubiquitous life, we human beings would create a divide among ourselves, which would be beyond repair and damage control, for the times to come. The world would be divided into fragments that would jeopardize the whole idea of our existence. It is seriously high time that we understand that nature has created us to coexist with the biodiversity and given us intelligence in order to maintain the much needed equilibrium between the various spheres of life. We must use our precocity in the right path and bring about a world that shall boast of harmony between the various species rather than the discrepancies between them on frivolous grounds.

Let us not allow some assiduous guys to sway us to their tunes by presenting before us some theory that portrays an uncertain bigger picture. Let us strive to try and uphold the laws of nature and create a niche for ourselves as the saviours rather than the rulers of the world!
Save the crazy world out there.