“Humanity” Is The Name Of Mankind

Posted on August 8, 2012 in Society

By Zinia Bhattacharya:

There is no denying the fact that the repercussions of a fast life are catching up with all of us. So much so, that we never pause and reflect. Do we ever look around and imbibe in the scenes of abject poverty that surrounds us in all forms and sizes? The glaring signs of need emanating from the distressed fail to move even a small proportion of people. How about a skeletonised young beggar boy, with tear streaks across his pitiable, dirt laced face? Imagine a blind, immobile aging man, begging to quell the eternal hunger of mankind. How is it that such daily encounters seldom make us introspective? Welcome to the sweeping (rather weeping) world of indifferent, downright miserly and socially irresponsible, ultramodern citizens.

The commuting period of a commoner is laden with a plethora of such scenes. We see and we instantly shrug with an air of indifference. Have we, on a serious note, ceased to be a social animal in the truest sense of the term? Such that, we fail to establish even a momentous emotional connect with them? The graveness of our inability should be thoroughly analysed with a high hand. When people of our blood and kin suffer in front of us, our lives get emotionally charged up in the name of love and attachment. Why then, do we not even give a thought to all of those who are tied to us by the holy knot of humanity?

Some people might claim that they remain too busy and hence, in order to cut down on time, they cannot afford to stop by a beggar and drop in a penny into his vessel. This very claimant is bordered on absolute ridicule. For, it is they who spend chunks of their spare time hopping around in malls, lightening their wallets and giving vent to their deep-rooted narcissism. So much for their precious little time! Some even grab young beggar boys by their collars and burden their already ailing consciences with a veritable range of swear words. Such uncouth attitude deserves some real moral-bashing.

The time is already ripe to use the tools that would serve as antidotes to this gruelling social sickness. Moral science lessons in school should be dealt with more seriousness. So that children do not grow up to be embodiments of modern science and culture that do not incorporate in their domain, the word called “humanity”. Mothers and housewives: abandon kitty parties, parlours and departmental stores for the time being and kindly step in. For, such feisty words “Men make roads but it is the women who teach children how to walk on them” need to be replicated into action. For us youngsters, how does “social networking” in the real world sound like?