Is Womankind A commodity? An Introspection

Posted on August 1, 2012 in Society

By Pinak Pani Datta:

The whole nation is talking about the Guwahati incident. It has condemned by the upper class as expected. The nothing-to-do class (mostly facebook-ers) are shouting like anything for justice to that girl. Amar Jyoti Kalita has been made a national villain. Once again we have a national crisis to discuss.

But have we asked for actual justice??

Justice is never served in the court room. Only criminals are punished there. Justice is served from the heart. For justice a sense of respect is must. And above all, when we ask for justice we must have a sense of equality in the back of our head.

In some parts of India, a woman is considered to be submissive by default. She is systematically trained to be dominated by her male family members. Parents train their son to be bold and outgoing, and advise their daughter to wear ‘decent‘ clothes. At many places, after marriage, a girl is expected to be very home bound. In some cases, she is not even allowed to meet the visitors at home. Due to this systematic training the girls develop a feeling that if they are out of home alone late at night, they must be raped.

The guys on the other hand enjoy a sense of bravery while teasing girls. For Indian males, any good looking girl passing by the street is a maal, tota, patakha or sex bomb. This kind of sexual racism is very common. In fact, many girls have adjusted to these words and feel proud to be called a maal.

Women are simply treated as a commodity. We do not even treat our own daughters and sisters the way they deserve. Be it exchanging dowry for the girl to get married or expecting the woman at home to cook and do all the domestic jobs. We treat them as domestic commodities. We rate them on a certain values too. The more educated girl will make money for the family and the less educated one will manage the home based kitchen. When a woman becomes the President, we make her a celebrity just because she is a woman. Why?? What makes her so special?

Practically, men and women differ only in their sexual features, other than this, to me; every woman is equal to a man. All we need to change is the way of thinking. Women are no longer a commodity. They are in fact more skilled then most men. They work for money and they manage the family too, which most males would fail to do.

We should stop sympathizing for a woman. Women today live with the fear of being raped. That fear has to die completely. The day all Indians start thinking their daughters and sisters equal to their sons and brothers, justice is served.