Nazism: Not A Thing Of The Past

Posted on August 4, 2012 in GlobeScope, Society

By Pankaj Khandelwal:

It has been nearly 67 years since the death of Adolf Hitler and the abolishment of Nazi Party after the Second World War. The Holocaust during the reign of Hitler was surely one of the black pages of  history. In the present time, when the Swastika symbol is just another geometrical figure or a tattoo art; 97 year old Nazi , Laszlo Csatary was arrested in Hungary. The arrest of the Nazi may make you think about the presence of Nazi sentimentalist among us. First of all we will go through what was the ideology behind Nazism and then we will correlate it with the present world.

Nazism a short form for National Socialism was the main ideology of Adolf Hitler’s party, The Nazi Party. Nazism always claimed the superiority of the Aryan race above the races and even branded the Jews as the major threat to the Aryan race. The party was also against other groups deemed ‘degenerate’ or ‘asocial’ including homosexuals, blacks, mentally and physically disabled. Their ideology even advocated excluding women from political movement and confining them to the spheres of “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (Children, Kitchen, Church).

Drawing a parallel with present world, you won’t find it hard to recall an example or an incident where you can draw some similarities with the given ideology. In the present day, racism is still very much prevalent in this world. Moreover it has expanded itself from being colour based to country or community based. From the fields of football to working desk of a company, racism stares at our face every day. Even in India, racism has step up its roots along with gender bias. Gender bias was also there in our country. Some of us still follow that women are just meant to take care of our houses, family and children. Girl child is still not allowed to study and are married at a tender age in some parts of our country.

Taking a look on the other ideologies homosexuality is still considered a taboo in most of the parts of the world. Even though many countries have legalised homosexuality, still homosexual people are treated differently. Due to the differential treatment they are force to keep their preferences under wraps. At the time when everyone has the right of speech, right to choose their religion, when the world is progressing towards a better tomorrow, these kind of backward thoughts will bring no good to any of us.