Not Suppressed, But Empowered: Women Who Inspired

Posted on August 7, 2012 in Society

By Anjum Dhamija:

Women have been considered an exploited and discriminated lot by the social welfare agencies of modern world. Feminism, male chauvinism, women empowerment etc. are the fancy words proposed by these leaders of women rights. To save the women from becoming an endangered species of our main stream economy, the socialist ideology proposes reservation for women. Reservation in parliament, reservation in jobs, reservation in queues, reservation in travel and this makes women equal to men. They say women are being mistreated because they are women, and women accept that as sympathy.

Without any offence to people who believe in above, I believe, I am lucky enough to have met a few powerful women in my life. These women have not been privileged like the aware women of today; rather their power comes from their conviction to sustain all adversities. They compel you to accept that the revolutions are driven from bottom to top and not, top to bottom.

One such inspiring woman I met is Rajeshwari. She is the “Aasha worker” of a village. A mother of two, from this community has always aspired to get her children the best education possible. During the early days of their education, she got them admitted into reasonably good schools. She couldn’t afford to arrange an auto or school bus, therefore, she herself used to cycle them to school daily. To pay for the costly education she wanted for her kids, she used to do tailoring to supplement her household’s income apart from the government job of “Aasha worker”. Today both of her children have completed their graduation and are working on high salaried jobs. This proud mother still goes that extra mile and sensitizes people on educating young girls, giving proper diet to their kids and also, on various other women issues.

Another such lady I met is Santra. Again from the same village, this mother of two had been a daily wage worker just like her husband. However, her feuds with her alcoholic husband were the worst part of her life and soon, she became a widow. But, she was always determined. She knew her hard-earned income would go into alcohol and so, she had kept on saving it in a bank for the future of her kids. Today, not only is she proud to have saved her sons and hence, daughter-in-laws, from the drudgery of alcoholism, but also, she boasts to have a house of her own from the savings of her life.

Million such stories are spinning daily and make you foresee that a Jhansi ki Rani, or a Mother Teresa are just around you. You need to have a receptive mind and an open heart to welcome them. I hope you will find inspirations around you soon!