Right To Equality: Does It Really Exist In India?

Posted on August 1, 2012 in Education, Politics

By Ashootosh:

Today, I was going through my Facebook page and there was one link showing new job opportunities in Intelligence Bureau or IB, a very crucial organization of India and trying to protect its citizens from various threats. I did not pay much attention to it in the beginning, not being eligible for this exam, as I was a month older than the required criteria. But then I saw something which really shook me. Out of 750 total seats there were just 80 seats for the general category. Is it really fair to give almost 90% of seats to people who deserve it less than others?

Is it really fair to give a position to a 32-year-old man who scored 50% marks in the exam rather than someone who is 27-years-old and with 80% marks? “Right to Equality“? Does this really exist? The only thing which is dividing people or discriminating them on the basis of caste system is actually the constitution of India and the politicians.

I passed class 10th with 79% marks and went to take admission in a reputed government college along with my father. In the queue there was a guy in front of me who had 47% marks. The cut-off for that particular college was declared to be 83%. I was disappointed not because I could not get the admission but because the student who scored 32% less than me got admission in the very same college. That was the day I got to know what his caste was. Otherwise he was just a smiling stranger to me. It is this caste based reservation system which is dividing this nation. Jai Hind.