Significance Of Indian Constitution In Our Minds

Posted on August 1, 2012 in Society

By Suyasha Singh:

The 13th and the last show of the series of the most watched and favourite show of the year SATYAMEV JAYATE hosted by Amir Khan ended in a bit of apprehension as well as praise. This show was about those people who have taken an initiative to solve the basic problems of the Indian society stretching from reconciliation of differences between Hindu and Muslim kids living under the same shelter, to the martyr who sacrificed his life fighting against the corrupt system. It talked about the people who are still holding the torch of democracy and have continued the noble cause, following the preamble of the constitution even after 64 years.

Before starting the last episode, to make us more clear about the basis of the concept, Mr Aamir Khan read the Preamble of the constitution. I and the people around me felt really very proud to hear it. Our leaders wrote their dream of a country in the form of the constitution and wanted us to follow that same path laid by them, to secure our nation as sovereign, social, secular, democratic republic. The power is bestowed in the hands of the people and is affiliated to the state.

But then at the same time, I realised that the preamble of the constitution has always been mentioned in the beginning of many academic books, but we never bothered to read it once or try and understand its importance. The letters are so simple that an average school kid can read and understand and can incorporate its basic values, if taught with full devotion by his/her mentor. The students can develop their own perspective of situations and experiences while reading watching.

I would like to call it a ‘dark side‘ for the reason that it is the most important chapter for a citizen of India to be taught but has always been ignored, and the result is that we are still paying for it. The children whom we call saplings in the growing garden of the Indian society have never been fed with the most essential and exquisite mineral. But still we expect them to grow into fruitful and strong trees.

Why is it so , that the people who keep the track records of progress of their enemies , don’t keep the four most vital points Justice,  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity intact in their minds. We blame an engineer, if a bridge falls. We blame the government for a corrupt system. But why don’t we blame ourselves for harming the moral structure of the nation which is the ‘Preamble of the Constitution‘.