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Team Anna’s Bang Ended In A Whimper

Posted on August 8, 2012 in Politics, Society

By Raghawendra Deo:

The popular support garnered last year, by the anti-corruption movement led by Team Anna, is said to have fizzled out this year. The Government response remained the same both times. It simply showed the arrogant and disdainful attitude of the ruling party. Media played its hypocritical role as well. Beside, Team Anna is equally responsible for the fatigue of popular upsurge against the corruption which is plaguing the entire nation. They found the solution in only one legislation and carried the view that just the Jan Lokpal and not any other possible serious alternatives will curb the menace. Ultimately, Team Anna labouring under the delusion of having become a force to reckon with declared to set up a political party. Contrary to their stand in the past, they will also play the game rather than crusading for changing the rules of the game.

Team Anna has so far demonstrated itself equally susceptible to opportunities. In murkier electoral politics of India, their survival in so many opportunistic parties will be contingent upon the flexibility of their stand. It is different matter that so far they have not shown any firm stand as a group. Everyone sings in different tune under one guide called Anna. Team Anna explained to the public that only the face of the Government changed in the past but governance remained the same. But, the fact remains that all were equally good in rhetoric at one point of time. The system itself incentivizes corruption in India. The malaise is deep rooted. It lies in falling standard of public morality and to certain extent constitutional provisions. The reasons for the corruption cannot be exhaustive. However some are:

– The system of the ‘first past the post system’ of electing representative is the mother of all corruption in India. It has engendered political corruption which also patronizes corruption in administration. The system encourages the political parties to form a vote bank which in ultimate analysis is divisive for the nation. The problem in Assam-Bodoland has to be seen in light of this.

– Another source of corruption is the post of Governor which does not have stability of tenure and restrictions to the further appointment. In such scenario the incumbent always toe the line of party high command.

– The appointment of a person as a minister of the same field in which he has business interest. The most important example is 2G scam, pulses the import scam.

– There is no justification for not making the CBI or investigative wing of the any police, autonomous. It should be completely delinked form law and order and should be given independence.

– Corruption in administration dwarfs in comparison to political corruption. It is flourishing under the patronage of political masters. The existing anti-corruption bureau and vigilance department can curb this to a great extent if they show the will. The existing provision of the PC Act is enough to send a shiver down the spine of errant babus.

– The most important being the Macaulay system of education which prepares a student to just pass an examination without any emphasis on developing national perspective and social responsibility with value orientation and collective responsibility, is the biggest reason of the falling standard of public morality.

– Last but not least, the growing sense of consumerism in the society is a reason for growing greed, cynicism and sense of mistrust in the society.

Rhetoric apart, Team Anna is also not infallible. When the system is right and people who run it are fallible, you need to be within the system to change it. The other way round, you have to be outside to change it or at least to act as a pressure group to rein on it. Team Anna rather than keeping alive the crusade against corruption, has committed fraud on the nation by killing the crusade itself. The bang ended in whimper.