The Countless Options For Your Career

Posted on August 18, 2012 in Alternative Careers

By Bhawani Sahoo:

Do you think education can only give birth to Doctors, Engineers or MBAs? Then I am really sorry to disappoint you because you are either still living in the ‘traditional Indian education society’ or you are not yet grown up!

Let me tell you a short story. My cousin was good at math so my uncle decided that he should be in IIT, sound’s good doesn’t it? But my cousin has decided something else for himself; he wanted to become an architect because his love for maths compelled him to do something different. Undoubtedly, his decision of becoming an architect disappointed my uncle. However, his dream was fulfilled and his firm decision to become an architect over an engineer was absolutely correct.


Recently a survey was conducted by the human resource company Kelly Services, in which around 65% of Indian worker preferred meaningful jobs over income and status. This survey clearly brings out the fact that satisfaction can never be substituted by anything else, but still at times under our parents’ pressure we let our dreams flow by and don’t even try to get hold them. Now the question arises that why do we supress our dreams? Maybe because we are not sure enough about our dream’s vitality!

If you feel a deep interest in singing, dancing, acting or any work which is related to this glamorous industry then don’t step back; though there is tough competition in this field but competition should not be a hindrance for talented people. A bit of hard work and you’ll be the rising star of tomorrow. Various creative career options like fine arts, calligraphy, creative writing or handwriting analysis are popular career alternatives in this changing time, which will not only help you to satisfy your creativity but will also fulfil your urge to do ‘something different ‘.

If you are a health freak and a true lover of nutritious food and healthy lifestyle then with adequate professional requirement you can proudly call yourself ‘‘dietician’’ or ”nutritionist” and can enjoy rest of your life by doing what you love to do. Next, does the sound ‘click’ fill your heart with joy and contentment? Then you should try your hands at photography, and with good technical understanding who knows you would be the next William Henry Jackson.

Similarly, careers like fashion designing or beauty and hair dressing can be good as alternatives which will not only help you to begin with an awesome career of a fashion designer but also give you independence to have your own fashion boutique or parlour. Beauty and hair dressing is no more a female career option but also lots of males choose this field to build their career in.

There are many students who do social work as a part-time job but let me tell it’s a very good career alternative which gives you immense satisfaction and can be opted as a full time job as well. And in today’s time India is in great need of good social workers who have the capacity to reform its society.

Career alternative is not only for those people who have opted incorrect career options for themselves, but it also gives you an opportunity to sit back and think once more before you chose an incorrect option for yourself. After all, nothing can be more enjoyable than making your hobbies and interest as your career.