The Great Indian Pattern [Final Part]

Posted on August 6, 2012 in Society, Specials

By Himanshu Sharma:

In this post let’s conclude our journey of finding the great pattern common in all problems of India. From understanding our sports attitude [part 1] to political culture [part 2], now let’s try to understand the pattern behind both of them and apply the same to another problem and see if that works.

I propose it is our feudalistic nature. I wonder how many people will appreciate this thought without feeling insulted or anger. In the first part, I talked about how, we Indians love to have a normal life. Let’s study, get a job, then marriage and after that cycle goes on for our children. We just don’t promote anything which has not been done earlier. That was the reason why entrepreneurship took time to rise in our country. This topic has been raised even by our beloved Bollywood movies; parents’ asking their son to get a job, no matter what it is. In a feudalistic society citizens are trained to wish only a normal standard, set life. They don’t for wish lime light.

I do agree that slowly and slowly this is changing. We are motivating our children now, but only in that direction, where we see money and often this motivation becomes a force to become reality TV dancer or some singer.

In the second part, I highlighted how we believe that only a certain class of people should be leaders. I am not talking of the Gandhis or right by birth but also about many different families. We feel they are different, born to do that. If our son/daughter wishes to join politics, we say it is not for us. We still fear the field.

Now think how many times we compromise every day because we are common people? How much we give up for a peaceful normal life? Do we gain anything being that? Don’t we reason every “silence” as being practical in today’s world?

The Great Indian Pattern behind all troubles is the sleeping middle class of feudalistic mentality. Harsh, isn’t it? Let’s test this theory. I shall go to Google news right now, in Indian section, choose the top three news and see if they fit to this pattern.

1) MDLR ex-staffer suicide: Haryana minister Gopal Kanda resigns

He is a well known criminal. Facing trials in many cases yet was elected as independent. No one dares to oppose him.

2) Non-Congress, non-BJP PM backed by either party feasible: LK Advani

Growth of regional parties, as we keep voting on basis of region and caste. Prime Minister’s post is often seen as king’s post for which every party fights. We fail to vote for the country.

3) Political outfit not in a hurry: Anna

Covered in Part 1.

All three news are result of people who are not ready to stand up. May be I am wrong, but I am very confident that more participative, and the aware citizens will solve problems to a great extent. Let’s try my friends. Jai Hind!