The Truth Is Hidden In Which Eggshell? Search For A “Story-Like” Life

Posted on August 10, 2012 in Specials

By Ipsa Arora:

When a child is born, even before he/she develops the complete ability to listen and understand, the mother starts narrating stories of honesty and truth; story of the thirsty crow who uses its will to drink water from a pot; of true friends who put their own lives at stake to help the other. My favourite childhood story was of the woodcutter whose axe falls in the river and he very honestly refuses to accept the gold and the silver axes presented to him by the water Goddess, saying they weren’t his.

Like anybody’s childhood, these stories were a part of mine as well, each teaching me a lesson from life. But, as we grow up, we enter into a totally different and strange world. What we see around us is exactly opposite to what we used to see and decipher from our idealistic bedtime stories. Ideals and morals have disappeared for most of the people around us. Survival of the fittest” has become the ONLY mantra, either by hook or by crook.

A man is ready to take the life of another for the sake of just ₹10. Has the value of the life of a person reduced so much? We cannot rely on the man walking beside us on the road, God knows, he may kidnap or ransack us! Where has the innocence and the honesty got lost? Was it confined only to the books? Do wise people reside only in stories?

We see crime and fraud happening all around us. If anybody tries to raise a voice against the nuisance happening, he is threatened, beaten or even killed. If this is what the real world is, then why were we made to grow up with such a sensible attitude; why were we taught to become an idealistic and a moralistic person?

We see ourselves in a maze today. The life in the stories and the real life seems far apart. Should we also adapt ourselves to this world or should we try to break the eggshell where the truth is hidden?