What Does It Say When A Country Investigates 11-Year-Olds For Blasphemy?

Posted on August 29, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Harsh Choudhary:

Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan’s president, has ordered an investigation into the arrest of a Christian girl after neighbours surrounded her house, demanding police to take action over allegations that she had burned religious papers. Zabi Ullah, a police officer said that they had to arrest the girl on Thursday after hundreds of people gathered outside the house. People were very angry and they would have harmed her if the police had not taken any action. Officials are saying that she is 11 or 12 and has some mental problem as she could not answer the questions properly. She has been held for 14 days while authorities are investigating.

The President has raised the question of charging her under the country’s blasphemy laws and not as a juvenile because she is only 11 years old. Qasim Nazmi, another police officer, said that no burnt Quran or even Quran was found with her, although there were partly burnt religious and Arabic-language papers found in her hand bag. According to a policeman, there is nothing to case and matter would likely be dropped once the investigation is over and atmosphere is defused.

The people presented a very crazy scenario on the grounds of religion. It seems that they did not try to investigate the truth behind it. They don’t even know what happened exactly, but made a huge mess out of it. They could find what the problem with the girl was, what made her burn the papers, which papers exactly were burnt. The girl is a minor and they should make her understand peacefully if she had done any wrong. The situation was like a protest. This is not the way of doing justice or handling such a thing. They must have followed laws and called police for the investigation and enquiry. They cannot violate laws. As it was reported that the angry mob could have harmed her it can be seen how serious the situation is. The people must be logical towards their decision and what they do.