Women Molested In Mangalore: Will India Still Declare Itself Secular ?

Posted on August 9, 2012 in Society

By Pragya Singh:

Yet another atrocious attack on girls after the Guwahati incident in the name of religion at Mangalore. Definitely the whole of India is going to celebrate its 65th Independence Day with great elation in a few days . But it’s a matter of great shame that because of a few countrymen who still bind themselves into some narrow lanes of life and cannot apprehend a simple fact that as much as they have a right to do each and every thing , so do the women of this country have a right to enjoy their life in a way they want to.

I don’t know why few men still have such a dogmatic assumption about the requisites of the women in the country ? India proudly declares herself as a secular nation in its constitution. But the recent molestation at Mangalore has shocked the entire country and definitely aroused, once again, a big question mark on that.

A group of obstinate men attacked and harassed some 15-20 girls breaking a room only because they were partying with Muslim boys. I know there are some restrictions in every Hindu family as I myself belong to one but I don’t think violation on women and harassing them anyways will preserve the culture of the country because Hinduism never sermons bestiality and coercion to safeguard culture. If Hinduism is being used as an excuse toward this heinous crime then I’m very much sure that every submissive Hindu will be ashamed to have such a culture .

And the journalists recording this shameful act live; what did they do it for? For their Hindu culture or to publicize the scene? Was it done to set up an example for something or was it recorded intentionally to bring the vicious manhandling live in front of the entire country. The journalists I suppose should help by passing the information to law enforcing authority about the rowdiness of these muggers rather than waiting for these ruffians to commit such a flagrant act again .

These groups of men who think that they can attack someone who cannot fight them back is definitely a jargon to the women rights in the country and a denial to their freedom. I know the ministers sitting and watching the live videos will not do anything less than enjoy seeing this . May be the home minister says that the guilty will be punished as he had no right to assault a woman, but the point is, let’s see for how long he is being punished ? It was Guwahati recently, where in public a girl was assaulted and what everyone did was just watch and record the live footage and now its Mangalore .

Mangalore, as I have always heard is known for its beautiful coastal belts but now and then for “moral policing “, that’s an irony! Well the city has been in news for this since 2009. After the pub attacks on women even though the culprit caught was bailed within 3 months. Has anyone ever tried to raise a voice against this ? Why is every injustice done only towards women ? And it was because of this liberal law of the Indian government that prompted Subhash Padil (the culprit of the 2009 pub attacks )to carry out yet another attack in the name of religion this Sunday . But this time I really do expect the Indian law not to grant him bail. He has definitely been charged with rioting, assault, abuse, molestation, property damage and so many things more on the list .

After this act I’m really expecting the Indian law and government to take strict actions against such beasts who know only how to use their dictatorial thoughts in the worst possible manner. I want the women to stand up for themselves and fight for every wrong being done to them. Every woman expects some other woman to initiate raising a voice because they are frightened.

Today, may be only Indians are questioning this, but tomorrow the Indian government will have to answer the entire world for such acts taking place in the country. Will the people of the country fight back to preserve the sanity of their nation?

Will the people raise their voices to make sure that this doesn’t happen tomorrow with their own family members. Because the perpetrators who have done this shouldn’t forget that they too must be having a sister , a daughter , a wife in their own family. And no one knows what tomorrow holds for any of us . I hope the government and the people together will work for eradicating such nuisances upcoming in the country ! Otherwise may be we have to bow our heads with derision and chagrin for being a part of such a country that doesn’t know how to respect a woman.

Her journey is created for appreciation and not for desecration .
As women are almighty’s most beauteous concoction,
To respect her should be every man’s obligation !