Your Internship Story Contest 2012

Posted on August 18, 2012

Dreams do come true; all you need to do is keep holding on and swinging till you get what you want,” says Monika, who interned at IIM Lucknow.

Internshala’s Your Internship Story contest ( is seeing many more such realizations and lessons learnt put to paper. Whether it is the girl who learnt about how death is made easy through palliative medicine, or the guy who found love at his internship, all prove how life-changing internships can be. If there is a commonality among all these unique experiences, it is the sense of wonderment every intern feels when they apply classroom theories in real life. Isn’t that what internships are all about, learning about how the real world works and moulding yourself accordingly?

What was your internship like? Did it change your perception about work, your subjects, or life in general? Was it disappointing, did you learn life-lessons the hard way? Did you fall in love with a new city? Did you decide on a sudden career change? Tell us! NGO internships, internships with MNCs or start-ups, research internships: we want to hear every story, and we want to make sure as many people as possible read your internship story and learn from it.

Did we mention the best part? There are prizes worth INR 50,000 just waiting to be won! Tell us your story. Let everyone know what your internship experience was like! Participate here

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