A Tribute To Our Teachers: Those Candles That Consume Themselves To Light The Way For Others

Posted on September 5, 2012 in Specials

By Bhavita Kukreja:

Teacher’s day, which is celebrated in our country on the 5th of September to mark the occasion of our ex-President, Dr S Radhakrishnan’s birthday, is here. I feel that it is very difficult to define a teacher as perceptions may vary from person to person. What a teacher means to me may differ from that of another person. I would therefore not like to go into definitions and would proceed to paying a tribute to all the teachers who have played an important role in my life and to whom I owe my success.

All throughout the twenty years of my life I have had several teachers, starting from my school teachers, my tuition teachers, my dance instructor to my professors in the University and all of them have a special place in my heart as I got to learn a lot from each one of them. Some taught me to be punctual, some helped me cope with the stress associated with a particular subject, some helped me get rid of my inhibitions and encouraged me to mingle with everyone and some aided me in realizing my inner strengths. Each one of them has impacted and changed my life in some way or the other. I would, however like to pay a tribute to two such teachers, who may not really fall into the category of educators, but for me they are the most important teachers in life.

We have all heard that socialization plays an important role in the upbringing of a child especially the girl child. So that would make a mother fall into the category of teachers. My mother is most certainly my coach as she trained me, nurtured me, taught me the difference between right and wrong, protected me, helped me make decisions in life, has been more like a friend than a parent and has always advised me to pursue what I feel is best for me. If I happen to be accepted in the society and command a certain amount of respect, I owe all of it to her.

Another important person in my life is my aunt, who has been my friend, philosopher and guide. She holds a very special place in my heart and I look up to her. As a child, I remember sitting on her lap and she would feed me and tell me the most beautiful stories. She tutored me, was my advisor, she taught me to face challenges with confidence and I would never have been able to express myself the way I do, had it not been for her. Even to this date, if I have to take up any life-altering decision, my parents always ask me to consult her because they know that she is aware of all my strengths and weaknesses and can guide me best. She is more than just an aunt to me, she is my role-model. She was the one who helped me overcome my fears and be confident about whatever I do and I truly admire her for that.

This Teacher’s Day I would like each one of us to realise the importance that our teachers hold in our lives and acknowledge all those teachers who guided us in making it to the top, enlightened us about our strengths and made sure we worked upon our shortcomings. I would request each one of you, not to hesitate to go and give them a hug and tell them what they mean to you. It is the best gift that you could give them.