Abortions: Can’t The Creator Also Be Given The Right To Destroy A Life?

Posted on September 5, 2012 in Specials

By Dyuthi:

Life is something that God has blessed us with. Since the ancient times, all the holy books across various religions have always emphasized on the importance of life. We all know that we only live once and nothing is more important than the fact that we exist. Nature has chosen a woman to be the bearer of a child. She is the only being that can take the evolution in humans further. A woman, hence, is supposed to be given a very high status in any society because the power of taking human life forward is considered to be a boon. But then we need to think: can the creator be given the right to destroy a life? Should a woman be given the right to abort her child?


As times have changed, the society has evolved. Abortion may be opted for owing to various reasons, like rape, incest, or simply not wanting to become a parent. As a woman, my stance is that a woman should be given all the right to choose whether to give birth to child or not, no matter what the circumstance.

There have been debates around the US Senate candidate, Tom Smith’s statement on abortion. He stated that abortion is a right that need not be given even in cases of rape or incest. He has also made a few absurd statements where he compared a child who is an outcome of rape to a child born out of wedlock. This makes me sad and I would therefore call it an ignorant man’s perception of looking at things.

It is a woman who goes through the entire ordeal of carrying a child for 9 months and enduring the pain of child-birth. And thereafter, her life changes its course as a woman’s role changes right from the moment she chooses to become a mother. She develops a bond with the child, which lasts for a lifetime.

But what if this was not what she wanted? In case of a rape or any such undesirable incident, a woman would see her child as a reminder of the disaster that once shook her world. This could also influence her mindset while nurturing the child and hugely impact the bond that they would otherwise share. Similarly, if a woman who happens to be extremely career-oriented, ends up having a kid, then she would obviously be getting into a relation that she never desired. It’s a known fact that you cannot make yourself like something that you do not desire to be.

As a woman, I feel that when a woman makes the decision to bring forth a child into this world, it completes the circle of life. But we also need to consider the fact that every individual has the right to choose the relationship they want to get into. So we cannot force our opinions on others and should allow people to have the freedom to do what they want.