Another Bharat Bandh : Have These Bandhs Ever Been Of Any Use?

Posted on September 23, 2012 in Politics

By Abhishyant Kidangoor:

Thursday, the 20th September saw the confluence of the opposition parties to protest against the economic reforms made by the government. The bandh called by the opposition, saw the disruption of normal lives and heavy losses. In some states, sporadic violence was reported. However despite the bandh, the government has decided to go ahead and implement the reforms it had planned, hence leaving the bandh ineffective.

That the government is inefficient and is trying hard to cope up with the plethora of issues and hurdles coming its way, is no news. And the recent announcement by the Trinamool Congress, regarding the withdrawal of its support of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has caused further tension in the centre. Thursday’s bandh also saw Samajwadi Party, which is an outside supporter of the UPA government join the protests against the centre. With all these new developments, the government at the centre would have realised that it has lost support from many of its coalition parties and supporters. However, a violent display of protest from the part of the opposition is highly detestable.

Business and trade were highly affected with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) estimating a loss of about 12,500 crores. Shops, schools and other educational institutions remained closed. Public transport services were disrupted. Rail services were also halted at several places. While this might be explained and justified by the protestors as their mark of anger against the government and its policies, what it fails to realise is the impact it has on the millions of citizens whose lives have been affected. Many of those trains which were halted would have had people who were travelling for an emergency. Many of those schools would have had to re-schedule exams which were to be conducted on Thursday. If by such misdemeanours, the opposition expects to get votes for the next elections, they are thoroughly mistaken.

In spite of all the protests against the Centre, it has decided to go ahead with its decision. It seems unaffected by the bandh and its repercussions. Claims of massive economic development of the country is the reason being stated behind the implementation of the economic reforms. This decision by the government, be it right or wrong has made the bandh completely pointless.

Indian governance and politics is stooping to a level one has never imagined before and it is us, the citizens who are in dilemma. Neither the present government nor the opposition seems capable of anything. These power hungry politicians are putting our nation in bad light. The welfare of the nation is not even a matter of concern for most of the politicians. Maybe it is time to start afresh with new political parties and new leaders so that such corrupt, dishonest and cheap politics could be done away with.