Buses in Delhi: Realm of Death is Not Over

Posted on September 24, 2012 in Specials

By Udit Garg:

Delhi, the capital of India, incorporates the biggest and well-maintained public transportation system of buses having both DTC and Private buses on road. As we all remember, before Common Wealth Games, there was a kind of murder streak, where hundreds overall were killed by blue-line buses. Just before Common Wealth Games in 2010, all the drivers were re-tested and things changed. The murder streak was over with no more damage to public property and lives. But things are changing again!


Past few months I have seen a considerable driving behavioural change in both DTC and private bus drivers. I have noticed them indulging in high speed sharp turns, racing with other bus driver so as to collect passengers first at the next bus station, overtaking in an harsh manner, changing lanes, blowing horn and speeding up even in narrow lanes, jumping red-lights, road rage and even use of abusive language!

Now, it is not that I have seen these traits with just one bus driver but many and also over a period of time. This suggests that yet again bus drivers are running free from fear of police and government and becoming ruthless money-minded public servants. Don’t get it wrong if I am using “Servant” to define them because according to me in a Democratic Government even the Prime-Minister is a public-servant without any question! The thing to notice is, if the current scenario continues, then it won’t be long before we get a newspaper headline saying, “Orange becomes Red: Private bus kills pedestrians again!”.

And of course Delhi’s sleeping traffic police always has been ignoring bus drivers’ mistakes, I don’t know why? If it’s a question of black money then for sure, Delhi’s general public provides them with at least 5000 every day. Something needs to be done by the official government to cure the problem and provide Delhi with harmless well-mannered drivers because I don’t think they have been very strict with the, “Driver of public transport should be 12th Pass” policy for selecting their buses drivers.

Thus, on behalf of Youth and whole India, I personally request the Central Government, State Government, Opposition parties, Legislature, and khaki and white Police-men to please wake up and solve the emerging problem of Delhi before it costs someone’s life.