Can Vote Can’t Drink: Raiding Pubs And Clubs Is The Next “Cool” Thing For Our “Moral” Brigade

Posted on September 21, 2012

By Adeena Jamal Ahmad:

Are you 21? NO! Now you can’t enter a club. Why? Well, you can’t enter because you are under the age limit. Oh! But I can vote for the country but not drink as per my choice and enter a place just because I am supposedly underage.”

Welcome to India, which is the next Super power, where moral policing exists more than policing. The moral brigade has taken the vendetta in their own hands to make sure that the youth of India is not spoilt *applause*. They are not allowed to consume alcohol if they are not 25. So is the herd trying to imply that these supposed youngsters are going to abstain from alcohol till 25? I am sure with the generations being open about acceptance; parents understand the fact that drinking no more is a taboo. So why wait till 25 to consume your first peg? And are people seriously going to follow the policy of abstaining when alcohol can be bought off the shelf from the liquor store. So is this the new policy that the moral brigade and the law makers think will reform the already downtrodden country of ours.

And what a waste of time? The police are into checking young people as to what they consume and what they don’t, when surprisingly the rape numbers have just been shooting up. Murders are no t a big deal. Shoot a person in the public and everybody fails to even recognize you. Obviously, the police of the country think that the solution to prevent young people to drink is to check on clubs and raid them. So, raiding is now the next cool thing to do? You want to have a good time. You go to a club and irrespective of whether you consume or not consume alcohol, you have to be 21. So where did the freedom of expression and liberty go? And are these supposed clubs or lounges the centres of some illegal activity. NO! People go to these clubs to have a good time. Enjoy, dance and have a little drink and push off. They don’t go about killing people and raping women.

The law makers imply that it is well suited for the country to be voted by “youngsters” who obviously know the difference in the political puppetry that our country’s politics undergoes, than know how to handle alcohol. And what about those spurious alcohol stores that are absolutely rampant across the Indian terrain? That is absolutely fine. And what about the thousands of people who chose to consume some sort of drug? Well if these police men think that pot is not an issue, REALITY CHECK is what they need. That is absolutely fine, just because people are not in the open and are within the parameters of their home. They can do anything that they want. They can get women for a night of fun and frolic and pay them (read: escort service). But alcohol! Alas!

Well to come to think of it, this sounds like hypocrisy in its truest sense. You do not allow people to enter clubs if they are not 21 and not let them consume alcohol if they are not 25. So this is not law abiding. But the same police will also take a handsome bribe if you get caught in a way more nefarious act. You murder someone, you make a call, give a mullah a loaded briefcase and you are out without a charge sheet. BUT you drink if you are not 25 and you are in for some royal treatment (read: harassment)

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