Delhi University Plans To Hold Parent-Teacher Meetings In Colleges: A Call For Back To School Menace For The Students?

Posted on September 18, 2012 in Education

By Ipsa Arora:

If students thought that college meant no PTMs, no discussions engaging parents and teachers about their studies, their pranks and most importantly, their future; then, they are in for a surprise! Delhi University is reinventing that tradition in order to equip themselves with better administration and policy making; they are planning to form a committee called the ‘Parents Coordination Committee‘, which will begin to function by the end of this year. It aims to bring together parent representatives from all the colleges in the university to discuss issues for improvement of the university.

So here’s to all the DU students, next time you see your mom or dad getting ready for your college, be prepared to face their squirming reactions and annoyed faces when they return. Or really so? Reports have shown that the parents seem disinterested. Because in this 21st century, parents bow down before everything their child says. So if a child finds his/her parent joining this board of parent representatives embarrassing, there is no chance the parent would do it!

This gives rise to a sound controversy. Is forming such a committee hampering the child’s development, by putting a check in his growth years, but not letting him be independent and all by himself? Or is it necessary to keep a check on the child’s development, so that during the most delicate phase of his growth, he has somebody to guide him and tell him what is right and what is not? Will children at such a ‘free-bird‘ phase, understand the concern of the DU authorities or will the authorities themselves realise the pointlessness in interfering with the children?