Head On: Debate Your Thoughts #Event

Posted on September 23, 2012 in Events

This is an online event, organized by the Pilani chapter of Nirmaan Organization during the annual cultural fest of BITS Pilani, OASIS. Last year, it was conducted via a Facebook group, which proved to be an effective medium to address a larger audience, and several people had shown interest in participation. Also, we had collaborated with Teach For India, through which we publicized the event, and had their members of staff to judge the various rounds.

Head On is based on various forms of debating, and aims to provide an unrestricted platform for the vox populi, where people can state their own views and agree to or contend those of others. The topics chosen for last year’s event included a picture-based interpretive debate, and two rounds in which we raised open ended questions ‘Imagining a transformed India- what would it look like?’ and ‘Where have all the teachers gone?’. The participants voiced their opinions, and the posts were open to rebuttal.

This year, we have transformed the event to include a wider spectrum of participants, and will strictly adhere to having only contentious topics put up for discussion. The idea is to get opposing viewpoints on myriad issues, both social and political, and to thereby spread awareness among the people by exposing them to different streams of thought. Hence we would like to invite your participation to make the event a success. It is open to anyone interested in debating and micro-blogging.

The rules of the event are as follows:

‘Round 1: Elimination’

– Groups comprising of an even number of participants will be formed at random. In each group, half the people are for the topic and the remaining half are against it.
– Each group has a separate thread to comment on, which should strictly pertain to the topic. No new posts can be made.
– The 2 best debaters from each group move to the next round.

‘Round 2: Semi-finals’

– The format here would be of a policy debate (Policy debate is a form of speech competition in which teams advocate for and against a resolution that typically calls for policy change.)
– Affirmative teams will present a plan as a proposal for implementation of a resolution.
– The opposition teams will generally attempt to prove that it would be better not to implement the plan or that the operational costs of the plan are too great.
– 2 teams (1 for and 1 against), debate on a particular policy. One or two such policies will be debated
– 4 people (Best 2 from each team) qualify to the next round.

‘Round 3: Final’

– The topic for the debate will be posted in the group. This is a normal debate round; each participant is permitted to take a stand of his/her choice, and must justify the reason behind it. Rebuttals are permitted.

Judging shall be based on quality of thoughts, clarity of expression and supporting examples. Non-adherence to word limit could be a disqualifying criterion.

To know more about the event:
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Contact: Prateek Singhvi: +91-9785351519