Lucid Dreaming: Why Flying Is Not Impossible After All

Posted on September 19, 2012

By Harsh Choudhary:

We are all always eager to use the latest technology which makes our work easy, efficient and fast. From the very start of the day, we use such wonders without realizing the importance they hold. The flush of the toilet, the toothbrush, toothpaste, the tap, shampoo, soap, comb and everything else that a human cannot do without. What do you think is behind them? — One might say technology and that is absolutely true. Our advancing technology is that what makes all these things available to us.

As we go deeper, we see that great technology is the result of great minds and hard work. It is a well known fact that the human species is the most intelligent on this planet. We are progressing but is this only in one direction? The answer is no. There are so many researches and experiments that we don’t know about. They are considering every aspect of the human mind be it scientific or spiritual. But do normal people, like us, really know about it? Do we apply it? These discoveries are very ancient and are not really utilized by our generation. On the contrary, they are regarded as blind, stupid and foolish. This article of mine seeks to do away with a lot of misconceptions about the limitations of the human mind and that of science.

I had seen many television serials during my childhood, in which a person becomes conscious in his dream and does whatever he wants to do. And then I remember watching ‘Inception’ in which many interesting things are performed by being conscious in one’s dream. I Googled it and came to know that this can really happen. These dreams are known as ‘Lucid Dreams’. Many global organizations like the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) use it to solve many cases. I too have seen such lucid dreams thrice but my friends never seem to believe me. Even if I tell them the principle, they do not believe me because they have put limitations upon their mind and do not want to break it.

The thing is to expand our mind to have the sense of what is known as advanced technology. You must have seen a circle of bright light behind God’s head in a lot of images. That same halo is emitted by us but with an intensity which is a lot lower. You may not agree with me but then have you seen the ultraviolet light or any other light which does not lie in visible region? This light or energy sheath is known as the ‘Aura’. You can see the ‘Aura’ after some specific practice. Also, the pronunciation of words like “Om” has practical applications in medical science and is used to cure many diseases.

I previously spoke of Lucid Dreaming which is yet another application of this science. If you can control your mind while dreaming you can do much more besides fantasy. You can get the answers to many deep questions and can interact with your own sub-conscious to find out:

– Your ideal career
– The purpose of your life
– Your greatest fantasy
– Where you see yourself in ten years

The next thing I want to discuss is the ESP ability, i.e. the Extra Sensory Perception ability. It is like the sixth sense that you may have heard of is a very ancient science. To develop this ability, you have to practise a lot of manifestation and need to be very good when it comes to imagination. For instance, you have to imagine that you have a ball in your hands and you are moving your hands around it. You need to think that you have a real ball in your hands and then throw it against a wall. You have to purely imagine that the ball is going at the speed of a real one and gets scattered into a thousand parts upon striking the wall. You have to imagine the behaviour of all the parts and by the time you become good at it, you can practically move things out of your way.

So you see, our mind is a very powerful resource and possesses a great many things that are yet to unfold. To analyze our mind and to fully use it, we have to expand our thinking. We need to go beyond our limits, which we have created for ourselves. Using the power of our mind we can even prove the existence of God. Science is not only about atoms and waves but much more and we need to understand that in order to unleash its power. We can fly, or become invisible not only in our dreams but also in reality. In fact, we can even build castles in the air, nothing is impossible.

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