Speaking For Sunny Leone: A Check On Double Standards

Posted on September 5, 2012 in Media

By Siena:

There has been a new buzz name in the bollywood news world these days- “Sunny Leone“. It started in hush -hush tones until it joined the mainstream chorus tones after the release of film by Mahesh Bhatt. Snooty comments, jokes, one liners have been floating on the media, social networking sites, getting exchanged via sms’s, mails in all forms and shapes. All in the tone of “That lowly girl Sunny! She is not worth a penny“. Why? Because of her acting abilities or inabilities? No, not mention of that at all. But because she belongs to a class of people called “porn-stars” who are like worst kind of creatures possible to exist in “oh I am so holy” society of India.

I really wonder at all these people who take so much pride in rating someone as “worthless”. It must have taken real deal of someone’s logic, brains and sense of righteousness to demean anyone on the basis of her act in her sex life. I mean why all this hoopla about something as trivial as sex? And that too by a generation who has grown up watching porn movies themselves. If porn is so bad a thing, how can they watch it themselves? And if they have enjoyed watching it, how can they despise the people who have acted and have made that “enjoyment” possible! It beats my logical brain to understand this kind of double standards.

I really wonder at the brainlessness of our people to be able to digest such double standards. And it’s not about porn; it’s about any matter related to sexuality. Why does it become such a big deal? Even dumber logic is to call sex related matters as a matter of “character” of the person. Do they even know what character means? Whether it’s a porn star or a prostitute or anyone with multiple sexual relations… as long as these people are not hurting anyone, are engaging in consensual relations, are being transparent about their intentions in the relation, there is nothing wrong at all in doing what they are doing. They are doing an act with own will and engaging in an act with the will of other person. Then what is the problem?

And these people who act so self-righteous when it comes to “sexual character” are completely okay in bum-licking corrupt, murderers, and rapist people in politics or at other powerful positions. If you can accept filth of such kinds in political arena without a voice, what gives you a right to point fingers at someone who has done no harm to anyone? I wonder if I ask all Indian what would they prefer- A corrupt, rapist, murderer politician child or a porn star child. How many would have the character to say- porn star?