Stipendiary Solutions: A Teenager’s Guide To Spend The “Priceless” Stipend

Posted on September 20, 2012

By Vishakh Unnikrishnan:

The first earnings for a teenager is like an action figure in mint condition, you don’t know whether you should play with it or just keep it safe in the box. Listen to your parents and just deposit it all in a bank is viable, but at this age that just seems improbable. So how can someone spend their money wisely? This question is best answered after rigorous contemplation, and obviously varies with respect to each one’s idiosyncrasy. But, in general there are a couple of ways in which a ‘typical’ teenager can spend his stipends. Here are few-

1. Movies, Music and more– Why not let go off the torrent downloads for a while, and watch movies where they actually should be watched- in theatres! The experience of watching movies at PVR or Big Cinemas is quite unique, at least compared to watching it on your laptops. Eating those insanely-priced popcorn, taco’s and burgers is an experience in itself, unless you actually did work really hard for that stipend, in which case you would probably stick to torrents.

2. Investing in your avocation– We all have hobbies, some of us at times feel like pursuing something new. If music is what you like, and instruments such as the guitar or the violin interest you, why not spend that hard earned money in buying one. Most teenagers don’t really think much about our hobbies or personal interests nowadays due to our hectic schedules, but who knows one day that alterative activity could be your vocation.

3. Academics Maybe? – We all had that interest as a child to study in an elite college or university, and for those of us who couldn’t achieve that dream, there is always another opportunity waiting for us around the corner. Why not invest on a good coaching class, or purchase the right books for entrance exams for universities and help reduce your parent’s financial strain?

4. A Website! – We all know that the internet is filled with websites pertaining to almost every genre and every interest of the common man. But if you have a unique idea, starting a website is neither a bad option nor is it that expensive. If you seek to be an entrepreneur, this is one of the best venture’s to take up. Although, it is recommended to start a blog first and make sure whether people will be interested in your idea for a website.

5. The impressive factor- To do something people wouldn’t expect you to do, is the easiest way to impress. Why not save that money for your parent’s anniversary or either one’s birthday and gift them something extraordinary. It can be regarded as a lovely token of appreciation for their support throughout you childhood, not to forget their financial help.

6. Host the best Party in Town– If you are worried a lot about how to spend that ‘priceless’ stipend of yours, why not just host a unique theme-based party and invite all your friends, neighbours and specially invite that special someone of yours. It could be unique, and give them something they will never forget, although make sure it’s all legal.

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