The Need For Volunteerism And Creation Of A Dream India In 2022

Posted on September 26, 2012 in Society

By Anshul Tewari:

A population of over a billion, and a million issues – India’s diversity in terms of problems, and our lack of knowledge has often kept us aloof from the solutions. While the country stands at its youngest best, the lack of initiative in the everyday citizen and the rat race to achieve basic living standards has killed our childhood desire to change the world – and while many of us still want to do that, opportunities, or the lack of them often confuses us beyond measure. Lack of co-operation and collaboration, and the emergence of competition has made our individual efforts towards a better country very divided and distributed – both geographically and in terms of initiation. This stands as one of the major reasons why social good often goes unnoticed. But can we change this? Yes of course we can!

Let’s give ourselves 10 years – a decade. A decade of change, of collaboration, of social good – of volunteerism!

The power of selfless individual efforts, brought together towards common causes can lead to tremendous and unparalleled ground impact. The power of one, if combined in numbers, is bound to cast change.

India@75 - a grass roots and path breaking initiative for realising the dream of an inclusive, sustainable and developed India by the year 2022, when India completes 75 years of Independence is a step in that direction.

Youth Ki Awaaz is joining hands with India@75 to celebrate 2nd October as “National Volunteer Day”.

Here’s how you can help:

Over the period of next one week, Youth Ki Awaaz editors will take up 7 diverse topics from Moral Leadership to Environmental Sustainability and seek your views and comments on each of these, and your suggestions in correlation with volunteering as a solution.

Your remarks, comments and opinions will be compiled for consideration for India’s National Volunteering Policy Framework. Additionally, head to and pledge your support to declare October 2nd as the National Volunteering Day.

Additionally, you can also independently tell us your thoughts on the need for volunteerism by visiting our submissions page. Stay tuned!