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The Self Proclaimed Protector, Raj Thackeray Must Stop: Plea From A Marathi Manoos

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By Neha Bhandarkar:

Do you remember your Civics lessons in school? The ones we studied as part of the social science subject where we were taught about the constitution of the country. From what I recall, I remember the basic fundamental rights, entitled to all the citizens of India. One of the seven recognised rights by the Constitution is:

“Right to freedom which includes speech and expression, assembly, association or union or cooperatives, movement, residence, and right to practice any profession or occupation (some of these rights are subject to security of the State, friendly relations with foreign countries, public order, decency or morality), right to life and liberty, right to education, protection in respect to conviction in offences and protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.” (Source: Wikipedia)

This particular right quite clearly states, an individual has been given the liberty to reside where he or she wants and move as well. Applying the similar in the context of the recent Raj Thackeray episode where in the self proclaimed protector, defender, guardian (and everything else that is synonymous to someone who is ‘concerned’!) of the cultural values of the country and specifically of the state where he belongs yet again unleashed his angst over the north Indians who belong to UP and Bihar calling them intruders, shows that this right is made either in vain or is practically not possible for those who want to stay in Maharashtra.

In an interview that followed the entire hate speech furore in the past couple of days, Raj Thackeray reiterated his stand against the North Indians saying the rising rate of crime in the city of Mumbai is only due to the migrants from Bihar and UP. Infamous for his party’s ideologies for violence, especially against immigrants from UP and Bihar, Raj Thackeray has earned himself quite a reasonable amount of recognition and not in a very good way.

From giving profound hate speeches and branding Biharis as ‘infiltrators’ to letting down a public figure like Asha Bhosle by tussling with her over letting a musical program air to slamming her verbally because she will be working with artists from Pakistan and questioning her profession for money, he has left no stone unturned in claiming himself as a self-righteous leader concerned about the nation’s integrity. Though the channel was later given the permission to air the program, the reason why was it even brought into picture doesn’t make any sense.

However, there is a situation here, an urgent one. It’s a circumstance that is not supposed to be and is there because it is bred upon certain unexpected factors, like regionalism and language. Having royally ruined the pride of being an Indian, Raj Thackeray and his party believe that the state of Maharashtra, language and the people who belong here or the Marathi Manoos are destroyed by these external influence. The Manoos (Marathi word for person) of the country is affected here. Someone has to take care of that as well.

I repeat again, there is a situation. And this situation needs an urgent rectification. The right endowed by the Constitution are meant to be for the society and its peoples’ functioning in an organized manner. This very callous attitude of the MNS president has infiltrated to break the very unity in every way possible.

Being from the state of Maharashtra myself, I am overwhelmed because of these very reasons. The regular incidents violence make me shudder with doubt to think of the upcoming generation. It’s an earnest request from a fellow Maharashtrian, (who is first a human being) call for truce, because what is happening is futile, and futile it shall continue to be.

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  1. Aniket Pathak

    Very well put Sir. We cannot on one hand blame the Australians as racist when they beat up Indians(Asians) and on the other hand call our own people intruders in our own country. This is hypocrisy and it needs to be dealt with strictly.

  2. Akshat Singhal

    Hey Neha, firstly, salute to you for speaking up. I echo your words and agree to what you have expressed here to the T. What Raj Thackeray is doing is extremely disturbing. The other problem is also that leaders like him are actually spoiling the image of the Maharashtrians. I really wonder where are we heading as a country when we can’t do anything about this guy trying to become a pseudo-police force for Maharashtrians. Well, more than his, its our mistake, as we continue to get
    brainwashed by provocative speeches and actions of such leaders and eventually lend them our identity.

    1. Neha

      I appreciate your comments and time. Thank you. 🙂

    2. neha

      But lets not single out him alone. There are many like him. In India as well as in other countries. Ones who can manipulate and brainwash people. Terrorism is more or less the same in its nascent stage, isn’t it?

  3. Ashwin Naik

    dear this is politics!

    But had it not been fr Raj thackeray n his goons you would hav been molestated by now outside some pub at 10pm!
    remember those banners in Mumbai suburbs in 2008 stating”U.P toh zaaaki hai Maharashtra abhi baaki hai.”Most of this migrants who come from villages of UP/bihar have a criminal mindset due to their upbringing in such regions….n belief tht a they can easily escape to nepal after commiting any crime anywhere!
    look at the crime rates against women in Delhi!
    been there once;after 9 pm….no women(other that hoes) would dare to step on road w/o security of her car in case of emergency!
    U dont want Raj U can leave Mumbai cos there r lakhs of Mumbaikars out there who want RajT and his goons!

    1. rian1989

      second u ashwini although i am northIE……………AND THAT TOO FROM THE BADLANDS :)……BUT JUST ONE REQUEST TO MR. THACKERAY………..ITS NOT THE WHOLE TRIBE…..JUST A SELECT TRIBE (READ-MINORITY)…CREATING ALL THIS………….they live in mumbai, delhi,kolkatta everywhere.use indian resources then destroy them……and praise pakistan, bangladesh……….these low income ppl…………….aspire to become shooters for shakeel, dawood……they cant study……….but want all the riches through hooliganism…………….thats who they are!!!!!

    2. neha

      Thank you Ashwin. And making me the protagonist of the situation doesn’t really get any solution right? I am glad you extend your support to MNS and certain such groups. Good for you. Well I still need to figure out the way they function though. Narrowing on particular region is no good. If they are so concerned, they should be the same for the entire country. Maharashtra is part of India, and not a different country.
      Anyway Thanks for your time.

    3. neha

      I am not exactly glad. It is definitely disturbing in some way.

  4. rian1989

    Dear Neha,

    You have made it ample clear from the point of a
    Maharashtrian. Now let me respond from the point of view of a Northie (
    from the same badlands …the MNS chief refers to)-

    constitutional right you are talking about “freedom of speech”…might
    be Raj thackeray is extending it…..but then do you truly
    believe……..what the people on AZad maidan did, they should be given
    any constitutional right at all?

    2.) I being a Northie…didn’t
    get offended by your so called raj thackeray “hate speech”……..I will
    tell you why, Mr thackeray has given clarification not once but many
    times ….which tribe of people he is reffering too……the unskilled ,
    undeucated ppl….who come to Mumbai for the vast resources it
    offers…but bring with them the hooliganism, living in minority
    ghettos…….and cursing India ….EVER TRIED GOIN TO A GOVANDI OR

    3.) You talk about Raj thackeray….but not
    about MIM M.P. from hyderabad…..Mr. Asaduddin owaisi .who himself blew
    the whistle….by saying ….3rd wave of radicalisation among muslim
    youth……after which the incident in Azad maidan

    4.) If it wouldn’t have been for Bal Thackeray, Raj
    thackeray and the shiv sena in1993…..when
    bombing took place and dawood in collaboration with ISI ……..had
    supplied so much ammunition RDX, AK-56 etc.(go and do rersearch)
    …………..hindus , the marathi manoos …., the gujarati traders
    would have been safe in mumbai?

    When the underworld was so powerful……..the whole mumbai was
    engulfed in it………………..which was the one counter
    force………..that helped …in not letting the whole mumbai burn
    under Underworld…? or do u think….if their would have been no force
    of shiv sena………..providing counter force to the
    underworld…..mumbai would have still been the relatively safe city
    that it is today?

    6.) When the muslim mobs………..led by fake
    pictures from myanmar….and assam ( hardly 80 muslim were
    killed…again do the research in myanmar and that too the riots only
    broke out after a local women was raped and killed by 3 muslim
    rohingyas)….took a whole city into panic mode… azad
    maidan…………name me one politician….who organised a
    rally,provided one counter force………to show that……….they
    can’t keep doing this again and again?

    7) try visiting mini
    bangladesh and mini pakistan in MUMBAI…………..U SAID U ARE A
    INDEPENDENT WOMEN ….SAFELY…WITHOUT any security……and dont feel

    8)You people ( the pseudo-secular)….always find
    fault in right wing hindutva……….like BJP or shiv sena……….but
    I never fina an article from people like you..when people like
    asaduddin owaisi give hate speeches…………….in front of their
    mobs of people…… full support…..or the bangladeshi MP form
    Assam maulana badruddin ajmal……when their muslim mobs.go on
    spreading violence…….raping , killing…..





    1. neha

      Thank you for reading through, dissecting and letting out your views in CAPS and making me know so many things that I was unaware of.
      However I don’t sort of agree to what you have just stated here.
      First of all, whatever I stated wasn’t my regional point of view, as you have said./
      Secondly I feel sorry for you that being from north you were actually termed as an Infiltrator. Infiltrator in your own country. Not quite nice you see.
      For that matter every city has issues in terms of safety. Why single out Mumbai alone. I hope you are not branding these fundamentalist groups as the protectors of this city, its state, or this nation for that matter. They do not in any way have any right to do what they are doing.
      Restricting Asha Bhosle from sharing stage with Pakistani artistes, I do not find any logic in that.
      And just to make it clear, I am not a pseudo secular person as you called me. I kind of respect my beliefs. Thank you for your suggestion for researching the subject. I appreciate.

    2. rian1989

      Dear Neha ,
      Hi again…I read and re-read your comment …and was quite surprised with all the points I provided above including the one in “CAPS” ….was to drive home a point…but you seemed to ignore all of that ….not answering even one of them from a jornalistic/intellect point of view , with well researched answers…instead you took it as a personal/egoistic attack…….really sorry to know that, which quite clearly wasn’t my intention. Here again I put some points clearly-

      1) I never said your point of view was reigonal, just read above…I only commented on you making it clear(actually quite clear) that you are a maharashtrian, which was unnecessary as you could have been from anywhere talking the same things.

      2)Again you didnt read me or the clarifications given by Mr.Thackeray about whom he terms “infiltrator’…read it again 😉

      3) every city does have an issue with security…….but do you think the police really was enough to fight those fanatics and underworld and giving the local mumbaikars , a sense of safety??? do you really think that>>>My suggestion please, please go and do some research, read some literature on the same >>on the underworld-police nexus

      4) Just answer me one question , where do you go when the police is itself involvd in safeguarding the culprits….to whom, where ?? lemme know too.

      5.) Did I ever said anything about Asha bhosle or the sitcom?? show me where >>but still if you are mentioning that >>>>temme one thing the pakistanis have till yet not taken any responsiblity for mumbai 26/11 ..even though everyone knows how those 13 men came, with ISI help, where they were trained……even down to the village of AJMAL KASAB IN FAISALABAD IN PAKISTAN . Every terrorist attack the ISI-pak army- lashkar does …and then the pakistani proxy come up with “we condemn it”….if not by using our soft power….by not letting their ppl perform here, by not doin trade with do you suppose we can atleast give them any pressure, confront them…or shall we take placards saying “COME AND ATTACK US”

      6. the reason for calling you pseudo secular …… ample clear>>>a secular sees all side of coin and respect all religion/communities. In your article you have not even mentioned MIM M.P. asaduddin owaisi comment in parliament or Assam M.P. badruddin ajmal’s involvmnt in Assam

      My suggestion lady >>please go read some literature, do some research before writing about sensitive subjects like these, In effort to please your minority friends… just might be offending the majority people of the land>>>read about, do some research on the names, points I have given above…even about stuff like “love-jihad”….ever had a friend, family, neighbour women who converted to Islam to marry a Muslim?? know their state??? know their propaganda??? ever heard about Mughalistan project?? ever chkd the census figure……in 1947 there were 10% muslim in India now they are 15% while there were 10% hindus in pakistan now their are 0.02%…check in wikipedia..what happened to them……just go to wikipedia and check “hinduism in bangladesh”…

      you will understand my stand then…when you will read, research.. you will know why its not about raj thackeray, bal thackeray.. its about something bigger>>its about balance of power ,a bout which you havnt talkd at all ….answer that question where you go/feel safe…if police is as much at fault?

      write an article about the muslim radicals too….the badruddin ajmal, the asaduddin owaisi..mention the rioters in Azad maidan too…the atrocitied being done by them….research read…..SHOW BOTH SIDE OF COINS..AND TRUST ME I WILL STOP CALLING U PSEUDO-SECULAR. PEACE


    3. neha

      Thank you again.Peace! 🙂

  5. Karmanye

    Brlliant article! And ya, the idea that Mumbai’s low crime rate viz-a-viz women has anything to do with Raj Thackeray is ridiculous. It had a low crime rate even before this clown surfaced.

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