The Street Artist Of Mumbai: Emotions Through Art #Photostory

Posted on September 13, 2012 in PhotoNama

An year ago, an artist with the alias ‘Tyler‘, started expressing himself with Street Art in Mumbai. Working at specific spots in Versova and Bandra, Tyler uses his talent to portray his feelings about the current social situations. Here is a collection of some of his work, along with his thoughts behind each.

Sumo Wrestler: This is near Carter Road (Bandra). The sumo wrestler is shown holding a fist which has its middle finger highlighted in red instead of popping out. This was made a couple of days back when cartoonist Aseem Trivedi was behind bars for drawing anti-government cartoons. This is to show respect for the artist.
There goes the Mumbai Night Life’ was after Vasant Dhoble started busting all the clubs and bars in Mumbai. I saw people forming groups on Facebook and discussing the problem to create awareness about social rights. I thought it’s better to draw something on a public wall than just commenting mindlessly. This work is at ‘Rock Beach — Versova’ where a lot of people come at the night to drink by the beach. Also next to this place is a restobar called ‘Chai Coffee’.
A little girl feeding a chicken from one hand and has a butcher knife behind her back. ‘Greed’ was made seeing how greedy people are. Nobody does it intentionally but I guess everybody is somehow forced into these kinds of circumstances. Also there was a lady who used to sell boiled eggs in front of this wall.
‘The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock’ —  You hear a lot of people cribbing about their lives. This board is meant for them.
A lot of cops have been busting locals in my neighbourhood for nothing. Some of them just for drinking alcohol in the corner of a dead lane, or smoking etc. This is just a reminder for them to get done quickly and move on. This has been put up at a couple of places where the incidents have taken place.