To The Government From A “Bihari”: How Biharis Feel On Being Tagged As “Infiltrators”

Posted on September 20, 2012 in Specials

By Vivek Sugandh:

Biharis are always considered as that section of India which lacks the facile sophistication and has been looked as a synonym for abuse, illiteracy and foul. The recent issue which re ignited this issue and made a striking impact on my mind is the statement made by Mr. Ravager, “Raj Thackeray ” who poorly acclaimed Biharis and all other North Indians as “Infiltrators”. The audacious creature crossed his limit by commenting that if possible, they should be chucked out of Maharashtra. The controversial statement came after Bihar Government’s disappointment regarding alleged entrance of Mumbai police to catch a bandit without intimating the Bihar Police.

The constitution of India gives freedom to every citizen that he/she is free to work in any part of the country. The Thackeray duos (Bal & Raj Thackeray) are known for their ruthless comments over the so called “infiltrators of our country“. New Delhi (The national capital) & Mumbai (The Financial Capital) are the prime cities of the country. They are meant for each and every citizen. I, myself being a Bihari feel so abashed and disappointed to hear such rubbish talks about my people. I feel proud to have taken birth on the Holy place of Bihar because it has given birth to some of the great protagonists. What makes the issue more appalling is the silence of the Governing authorities. They are all busy in haggling among each other on topics related to corruption allegations. Ask us how that silence feels. When you are disrespected in your own nation, by your own people, it feels like millions of lethal arrows are piercing our heart. Are we Biharis born with the bane of estrangement? What about that brotherhood which our ancient heroes talked about. Isn’t the situation much graver than prior to independence? I don’t understand the discrimination policy of the Government. Biharis are blessed with brilliant minds but we can’t make it count because of lack of opportunities. Most of our students are studying in top institutions of the country but still our image is confined as a rickshaw puller or a labourer. I wish to see what will happen to the transport system of Mumbai when Biharis will be thrown out of the city.

It’s the duty of government to preserve the sovereignty of the country. They are elected as a caretaker of every citizen irrespective of their section, caste, colour or creed without caring about their vote-banks. It’s their duty to tackle people like Thackeray’s, who are openly flouting the concept of Democracy and Socialism in our Country. These goons are blemishing the name of our country which is considered as an epitome nation when it comes to freedom. But there has been a complete reversal in the attitude of the people in power. What aggravates the scene is that these scofflaws will go on crying rubbish and our government will embrace them in their heart, as a gentle reward. They are least bothered about us, busy in filling their own pockets. I ask from the Government, why are we treated us as outlaws. If you really consider us as a scheduled section then provide reservations for Biharis in all jobs and other sectors. Provide us with all sorts of benefits and concessions which we are deprived of. Even a callous tyrant has concerns for his servants but what about us, when you speak of freedom, justice and equality? My mind is fumed with millions of alarming questions. Why is our nation going astray? Why are the hoi polloi still sleeping? Why the lust of our leaders has become so in satiated? Will they stop only after making our nation reach the brink of apocalypse? Is Democracy, a myth in our country? Why do we brag about being the largest democratic nation in the world? Is there anyone who could give me answers? The fact is that even after 65 long years of independence; our country is still stranded in the malignant evil, bifurcated into millions of pieces based on baseless ethos. This might sound like firing series of riposte on our glorified nation, but this is the UGLY TRUTH.