Why Technological Advancement And Innovation Is No Rocket Science For India: India@75

Posted on September 27, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Sumedha Bharpilania:

I would never call myself a patriot, for I am far from being one and absolutely do not see myself as someone who can embrace martyrdom with open arms. I however, have always been proud of the fact that I am an Indian. My sceptical acquaintances often question my love, for they believe that there is not much that India has to offer and that my pride is not justified. But none of this deters me from feeling a little happier, every time our country celebrates its Independence. I also presume that I do not fall into the category of people who are ‘technologically challenged’; technology on the contrary, has always intrigued me. I therefore die a little, every time a Japan, a United States and a South Korea walks away with the crown of the most technologically advanced country in the world. ”Where is it that my country falls short?”, I question. And I realize that I, myself have the answer to the same.

The fact that India is highly dependent on other countries as far is technology is concerned, is disheartening. Employment of technology in the fields of agriculture, energy resources, healthcare and even education, in order to cater to our teeming population, is vital. We have the numbers but we need to work on the quality. We have the potential, but application is the need of the hour. We have the brains and we have the funds but the rampant corruption, lack of literacy and the faulty system is what hinders growth. Why else do you think that the most intelligent minds go on to serve countries like the United States and help them prosper, instead of doing something for the nation they owe their identities to? I personally see India as an affluent power, which is capable of funding researches which provide an incentive for people to become scientists and analysts. I see India as a country which is at par with the superpowers in research and development, because we are nothing but adept at the same. I think India is more than prepared to employ technology to combat social issues, when the grassroots levels of society can benefit from, say, social media to voice their opinions.

When India celebrates its 75th year of Independence, nothing will make me happier than watching my fellow Indians take pride in the fact that they own mobile phones, tablets, laptops and music players that are manufactured by Indian brands. I would love to see an iBall compete with a Bose (the founder of which happens to be of Indian origin), a Micromax selling more phones than a Samsung, an Indian website competing with the likes of Mashable and discussing social media the way it has never been presented before. I would like to see innovations akin to the Akash Tablet selling like hot cakes in the global market, making life difficult for a certain giant called Apple with the nth version of its iPad.

The year 2022 would give me a reason to celebrate if I get to witness great minds who can be compared to the likes of APJ Abdul Kalam, AJC Bose, CV Raman, Homi J Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. When young Indians would not need a Mark Zuckerberg, a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates for inspiration. When they would be citing a familiar, Indian name when asked about the person who motivated them to innovate and contribute to the field of technology. However, I personally see all of these happening only when we bring about a massive change in our education system, because with the current one, real talent will never flourish.

I would be more than happy when ten years down the line, India would shine in reality, every household would have electricity, internet connectivity would not be a far-fetched aspiration for an average Indian (the aam aadmi), when villagers in the remotest of villages would have access to television and mobile phones, when the term ‘digital divide‘ would cease to exist. When nuclear technology will really aid India in attaining prosperity and advancement in space research will leave us well-equipped to escalate to the heights of  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

We never cease to talk about how important it is to bring about a change in our society, but then, we need to be the change. Volunteers have only inspired people to act, because one good deed sets an example for thousands to follow suit. It is all about devoting some of our precious time in order to secure a better future for ourselves. It is all about giving, at the end of the day and it sure is no rocket science.

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