Don’t Blow Your Life Away In Smoke, Say No To Drugs: A Story

Posted on October 5, 2012 in Specials

By Bhaskar H Narula:

Engineering is the most sought-after branch of science these days as every other boy or girl next door seems to be preparing for it. The plethora of graduates seem to be addicted to smoking, alcohol or drugs. I am here to tell you a story about a group of guys and their addiction.

The tale begins with three young boys trying to do something about their career and the scene is set near a road-side tea stall.
Three guys, in boxers, bearded and rugged, gave a perfect impression of being IIT/AIEEE aspirants. The day gave them the blues as failing in internal exams was a curse for engineering aspirants. With each sip of the tea and the movement of the fan, abuses were being sounded. Among those who were cursed were the ones responsible for power cuts, one of their roommates with his girlfriend and the ones behind the inedible food in the hostel. This gathering was meant to find out the solutions to all these problems. Unfortunately, due to the next class, the meeting yielded no results.

Humiliated, they returned at eight in the evening and the only thing they could eat was the half-cooked rice and daal. This aggravated them further. Also, their parents spanked them as the coaching institute used to contact parents of those who had failed in the internals.

Frustrated and neglected, they resorted to the terrace. Owing to their insufficient funds and starving stomachs, they needed something which could make up for their miserable day. A peg each of Johnny Walker helped them and this became their daily routine. Time was flying and the exams were approaching. They could not make their mark anywhere. When you can’t attain what you want, you tend to settle down with what you don’t want. And they thus took admission in one of those several private engineering colleges.

Time brought about a new zeal to excel. They were introduced to the curriculum that had to be followed and it sure was a quite a tedious one, with more than eight assignments per subject plus the exams. The beginning was always as a hurried as the LML Vespa Scooter of the good old times. Failing to prepare for exams beforehand, followed by forty-eight assignments, coupled with exams and internals hardly gave them time to relax. The mortified hopes of their parents, and placement-related tension took a toll on them.

Another pressure that surmounted them was the search for girlfriends. Evenings were spent in eyeing the beautiful girls in college. The Computer Science and Biotechnology blocks promised the best of views. Loitering around these blocks, was the only time they seemed to be smiling except for those few funny instances in the classrooms. Each one had his own choice. Although motivated they were, they could hardly land up with a pretty lady.

Poor grades, the lack of a girlfriend and no placements filled the charts. They felt exhausted, exasperated and duped. They tried but they failed. However, they thought they tried their best. They resorted to a solution akin to their college days. They turned their backs on studies. Partying during weekends and drinking summed up their lives and pocket-money was as short-lived as ever.

Drugs gave them that extra push to fight the battle of money and studies. Smoky windows helped them relax. Each sniff lifted their failing hopes and they found a new life. Low attendance and poor grades could not be helped. Last-moment preparation and smoking joints helped them pass. Four years passed similarly, they got a job yet their savings were nil.

The scene is still the same. Only scotch, alcohol and hookah have replaced the tea addiction. The same three guys are dressed in formals and everything else is the similar. The cribbing continues. The Indian Government, the Indian Cricket Team and the Project Manager are the ones making them drink today.

Addiction never seems to cease. It is monotonous. And everyday you have a new reason to catch hold of that paper and blow your life away in smoke. Dejection is a part of life and injections are no cure for it. Boost yourself and bring back your happy life. Say no to drugs and live free.