Flowers Not Only Look And Smell Good, But Also Cure People: Bach Flower Remedies

Posted on October 5, 2012 in Health and Life

By Ram Kumar Gupta:

Dr. Edward Bach was a physician and he gave his patients allopathic medicines to treat their illness. However, after sometime he found that if he prescribed a medicine to cure headache the patient suffered from a problem in the stomach as a side effect of the medicine. He was a spiritual person, so after sometime when he heard of homeopathy he decided to learn that. He left his practice and within a very small time started treating patients with homeopathy. Later on he discovered that not all the medicines used in homeopathy were made from herbs, rather, chemicals and poison were used in the preparation of these.

So Dr Bach gave up his practice again and went to Mount Vernon in London in search of something that would help humanity. From 1930-1936, after experimenting with a lot of herbs and other things, he finally invented thirty-eight remedies which he claimed to cure all the physical, emotional and spiritual problems of mankind.His research suggested that without the sun there could be no life and the moon was equally important for our survival. A flower is the gift of a plant as it contains the seeds of a whole new generation, he also said that the water of sacred falls was useful for us and alcohol could be incorporated for long term preservation.

He made a unique combination wherein he plucked some special flowers in the morning with dew drops on them, put them in the sacred water and then placed them in sunlight for few hours so that they could absorb the qualities of sun. He then preserved one drop of that water in alcohol for future use. Dr. Bach called them the Bach Flower Remedies even though the flower does not remain in the process.

These thirty-eight remedies cured a lot of psychosomatic diseases. They work on the premise that everything vibrates and at a different frequency. If there is any problem in our body or mind, it means there is a problem in the vibration of our internal frequency and when we apply these remedies they will help our body to vibrate in alignment with our internal frequency and our disease will get cured.

I myself have been using these remedies since 1998 and successfully cured many diseases including asthma, depression, exam phobia, etc. I also used them to increase confidence and enhance one’s luck. These remedies are hundred percent safe with no side effects, overdose or addiction. When you get cured and you still have the remedy with you, you do not get into the habit of using them as they do not leave you with an urge.