From Zero To Hero: The Joys Of Reality Television

Posted on October 14, 2012

By Komal Rajput:

The word ‘reality’ is associated with things that are genuine, things which really exist such as humans, plants, animals and various other living beings as well as non-living elements. Throughout this essay, I plan to discuss reality shows. These shows, most of which did not originate in India, in fact arrived from America. A reality show is a show on TV which is supposed to exhibit non-fictional elements. And these shows are gaining importance over the past few years, all across the world.

If the history of America is taken into consideration, these shows have always existed, but in a really boring form. But, as of now, there are millions of viewers watching enhanced, attractive and funny reality shows. The shows constitute singing while playing guitar and other talent hunts involving dancers and they also provide a platform to people who are interested in making a foray into the glamour industry. And as far as shows like ‘Bigg Boss’ are concerned, they provide a special platform for relatively lesser known celebrities to become household names. All the contestants from different parts of the country, coming from different backgrounds are made to live together and from day one, they start to face problems in adjusting with new people in a new environment.

People with different cultures, speaking diverse languages, are all made to live together, thus creating an environment that is worth remembering and teaching them how they should tackle problems by virtue of an understanding of the situation and the consequences. At the end of the period, they stand out of the crowd, finally attaining the fame they wanted. This is the sheer reason why these reality shows are earning so much money. The contestants get a lot of importance and also a special mention in the glamour industry. This is one of the few joys that reality television has to offer.

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