Has Technology Made The World A Smaller Place To Live In?

Posted on October 5, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Komal Rajput:

Technology entails studying art, skill and craft and this study reached a height which was never thought of. A man walking on the ground may have never thought of the existence of a bicycle, a scooter or a car which would make his life so very easy and save his time. The one driving his vehicle would have never thought of planes which could help one fly over mountains and seas. And man away for work would have never thought of mobile phones or laptops by virtue of which he would be able to talk to his family from the place which was miles away from them. All of this is nothing but technology, which has made our lives so beautiful and easy.

Nowadays, when a child is growing up, he is not given those soft toys to play with. Rather, he is surrounded by all kinds of gadgets such as the iPad, the iPod, smartphones which include the iPhone, the Kindle etc. The education of a baby starts on the laptop as he listens to rhymes on the internet. The web that has spread its roots all over the world and has brought our friends and relatives closer to us by virtue of social networking sites. These websites are so popular today, that we share, post, chat, interact, make new friends and connect with the old ones through them. Relatives, friends or other people living physically away from us seem close in this digital world that has become an important part of our otherwise busy lives.

But, this digital world has made us forget our physical world. Whether we are outside surrounded by a bunch of people or all alone, we are always lost in the maze of the digital media and never bother about the world outside. Many incidents occur among the youth specially and illustrate how technology is becoming a threat. Students often meet with accidents owing to the fact that they were listening to music and had their earphones plugged in. We often make friends on social networking sites, with whom we are not familiar and they often go on to misuse our personal data to harass us. Someone has very rightly pointed out: things that benefit us should not be misused as they could otherwise become a threat.