How Good Are You: Time For A “Good Citizen” Introspection

Posted on October 1, 2012 in Specials

By Vaibhav Srinivasan:

How “good” are we???

A small break between work always makes way for some self introspection. Here I am with a few observations, rather questions, the answers of which I am searching for amongst the readers. The main aim of this article is to recognize and pull few hearts amongst the millions inside the limelight. What makes those few hearts very special?

I point out to the honest tax payer who does not drop even a penny to a well-built beggar and who just crossed the politician known for looting in crores and distributing few hundreds to the beggar lot, busily posing at the press photo-clicks. You can find a person in his mid forties standing in that long-queue at the temple for darshan when a young couple quickly jumps in between bribing that authority.

When millions suffer due to power-cuts, I find a person buying emergency lamps for government school children sitting for board exams when ironically a private party celebration being thrown by the kid of a minister is stealing the grid power. When I do not find a cop at a signal, I wish it never turns red to avoid that self pricking and embarrassing testing time. But at the very instant of red, I find a middle aged man signalling the followers that he is going to stop his vehicle. I watched the busy city folks overtaking him and laughing at him.

I met a person recently who busted out due to helplessness that he could not book a tatkal train ticket at the counter for his newly married daughter and son-in-law and for which he had reached the station at 4 AM. I could even hear his wife scolding him on the phone for not booking. I could not stop myself from getting annoyed against that reservation staff patiently reserving for his sister-in-law while coolly flirting with her over cell-phone.

Honesty is surely the best policy. But to what extent is my question? You can find all kinds of people in all walks of this society like work, education, travel, prayers, worship, road-discipline, entertainment and so on. There are few colleges which get millions as black money for capitation and pay a huge sum to companies for mass recruiting.

I find majority of people being focused to their families, working day and night, who are afraid to commit any mistake. They seem to focus on the future and always believe and dream that there is a better tomorrow for them.

I myself am an example from such a lot. The moment I stepped out of my college, I had several dreams and plans to live for a cause and for the society, environment etc. But now, after 7 months into my company, I totally am caught into the cob-web of self-centred thinking. Competition on one side and promises and hopes for a better tomorrow on the other, drives me. I am guilty of changing myself according to the tunes of my masters. I never bargain these days and pay twice for products and I don’t bother to stop for RED signal when my followers blast their horns. I don’t wait for white board buses anymore. Time is ticking and so is my strength and enthusiasm. The willingness to achieve maximum & enjoy to the fullest extent when I am healthy and the literal fear of tomorrow drives my today’s life.

I contribute to pollution sitting in AC 24/7 and I have a lion’s share of net electric power being in city. I download songs from internet throwing IPR laws to trash bin. But, some inner voice pulls out my guilt feel and the result is this article. I wanted to portrait those minority people who still believe in following laws and who still feel happy and secured for not breaking the rules and who still believe something good will happen in the future.

I sometimes feel the advent of technology has brought equity to a certain level. People book tickets on the internet and there is no favouritism in any form. People question and share many issues via social networking and media and it makes them aware of what is happening around. More importantly, they express out much.

That minority lot inspires me to be an honest tax-payer, a civilized common man. I am still confused “How good I am??” Now, it’s time for you to think!!! Feel free to discuss, argue and ponder on this. If even a small percentile of inner feeling makes you think after reading this article, my guilt would reduce a lot.