Mr. Digvijay Singh, Why Do You Always Try To Be A Troubleshooter?

Posted on October 29, 2012 in Politics

By Vivek Sugandh:

Digvijay Singh, one of the senior leaders of the panic struck Congress has always been known for his flamboyant and churlish remarks. His statements have always been attributed as controversial and logically crap. He was in news recently stating that he has evidence of graft against kin of Vajpayee & Advani. This controversial tirade came while he was defending Sonia Gandhi against the much altercated issue of Vadra-Gate.

In order to prevent his leader, he shoots ripostes over the opposition leaders. Is this the way to defend? However, you can expect this from him because he is adept in doing this. You blemish the name of one of the greatest PM by pulling him into the dirty politics just because you don’t find any other way. Had there been any scandals, why didn’t you expose it at the time when you were in Opposition? Why didn’t you probe into such issues? There is no worth of making dead rise from their graves by making such hefty allegations based upon baseless grounds. The Congress National Secretary also reiterated that his party would never use such means to derogate the name of two senior leaders. What? You brag that you have clues against the indulgence of Vajpayee and his family in the sinful act and then, like an impotent you prefer to be numb. Then, why are you sitting in power. What afflicted me the worst is that you ablaze your guns upon such a veteran leader who is admired globally as an epitome preponderant. As it is aptly said, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys”. What I feel is that no man should be spared if it comes to misuse of public money. Even if our maestro, Mahatma Gandhi was found indulged in such perilous practice, then even he should have been prosecuted. Prejudice should be kept far from politics. I don’t understand why the politicians rank their image much higher than that of the public welfare. India has been glorified with some of the great political protagonists in History and now these butchers are vandalizing that reputed name. The recent nefarious attack over the senior BJP leaders serves futile purpose because it is not backed with any information. You must have come up with some concrete information as your detractors have.

Mr. Singh should realize that through his pernicious remarks, He has aggravated his stature to such a low ground that the common hoi-polloi considers him as a goon, whose remarks should not be paid any heed to. He should know that he isn’t valiant enough to bring the dead from gallows. His credentials as a caretaker of congress are anguishing. What makes it an utter mockery is that Mr. Singh invites himself into the trouble through his crooked allegations and even drowning his party. His recent accusation is meant to fire new controversy as retaliation from the BJP is very much expected. Be prepared to see another depraved Political melodrama. The Public has a common satire to ask him, “Why you always try to be a trouble shooter for Congress”?