Rain: Of Music, Colours And Life

Posted on October 25, 2012

By Purba Roy:

Brishti– that’s what people call me by, but Ma always says, “Your name should have been something else–something that relates to music”. She believes that from childhood itself I’m very musical, I find music in everything! I smile at the fact. Is it really true? Or is it the fact that I find every bit of “me” in music?

The wind-chime, just near my bed, swinging with the mild breeze, reminds me of something–when I was very small, I remember, my Grandpa used to play a musical instrument quite often; a very similar tune to that of the wind-chime was brought about. Later on, I learnt that it was “jaltaranga”–I loved that sound coming out of the collision of strings!

There are some tunes which attract me to fall for them. Minati Masi, our maid servant, every day when she comes, we spend a couple of time talking care freely. The reason why I like talking to her is still unknown to me. I don’t know whether it is “her” whom I like or it is those two pairs of bangles in her hand! Whenever she moves her hands, those four pieces of ornaments create a magical tune which gives me goose-bumps. She once told me that it is the only gift she got from her husband. He has left her quite a long time back but has also left behind a deep essence of “his now faded love” for her, within this gift. I wonder if I wouldn’t have known about this little tinge of love that was still there between this woman & “once-used-to-be-the-most-special-person” of her life, would that tune have given me the same goose-bumps? Minati Masi tells me that she still loves her man. I tell my mind, “I love my man too”! So what if I haven’t been gifted a pair of bangles ever? So what if my man is still is in my imagination? Do these really matter? I believe “No”! Only the feeling matters–the feeling which fills your life with all the colours of happiness.

Well talking about colours, they play an important role in my life–specially the colour black. Ma says that earth colour suits me the best but I say; “only black suits me!” Oh..!! Can you see it’s raining? I love the moments when it rains. I can feel every drop of it–it redefines Me!!

Balcony is the place for me when it rains (do spare me with the location of it, I’m very bad with directions), raindrops touching, kissing my face makes me feel shiver through my spine, compels me to go weak on my knees over again, leaves me with these words–

“Cause every time it rains,
I fall to pieces…
So many memories,
The rain releases!!”

Truly it does! Rain washes away the dusts from the memories & makes them resuscitated. I love rain so much. Thank God, it doesn’t have any colour. This is the only thing which will always remain the same for me, even if I would have been able to see. At my age of 5 months, the Doctor said, “No light perception, in our medical term NLP–almost Incurable”!

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