The Whistle Blower Act Of Arvind Kejriwal: The Government Is Unfazed

Posted on October 12, 2012

By Chandan Wadhwa:

Being new entrants into the field of politics, the duo, Arivind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan are looking to bomb the citadels of power. Robert Vadra, the son—in—law of the Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi is directly in the line of attack owing to his business deal with the DLF group. They have alleged that DLF extended an interest-free loan of 65 crores, heavily discounted flats which are currently valued at 100 crores and gave a fifty percent share in Delhi’s Hilton Hotels to Mr Vadra, collectively propelling his assets from 50 lakhs to more than 300 crores in three years. Sky Light Hospitality Pvt Ltd. is the centrifuge of his business empire and is under the scanner. The news first broke out eighteen months ago, in The Economic Times but the homily was neither supported by the media nor by the principal opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party.

A novice in politics has decided to take the plunge at the seasoned businessman, Robert Vadra. On the face of it the deal raises many eyebrows. As the annual report of DLF reconciles something fishy in the deal signed between the two parties. The company’s final report suggests that during 2011-2012 (i.e. the period between 1st April 2011 and 31 March 2012), the sales of the company stood at Rs 4,582.67 crores. Thus making the debt of the company reach nearly 5.5 times its annual sales, which was alarmingly high. And the obvious question that rose amidst all this ruckus was that why would a company which has such a huge outstanding debt, pay an interest of 12.38% per year on it and give out interest-free loans? Thus all these findings culminate to bring this marquee businessman into the limelight for reasons that are otherwise uncalled for.

The Congress connection with Vadra has further fuelled the allegations posed against him. It is to be noted that the Congress has significantly succeeded in overshadowing their dismal record of corruption lately. Furthermore the government took up a recent reforming avatar with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s foot on the reforming paddle, as he unravelled various measures contemplated by the UPA II. But now they are brought to the centre of corruption charges again and this time through an informal link, by the stalwarts Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan.

With this move Team Kejriwal has made their intentions crystal clear and has reinforced the fact that they mean business. Politics is a mucky affair and by revealing the names of the corrupt bureaucrats and their family members, which are backed with proper evidence, they will definitely get a political edge over their counterparts in the upcoming polls.

The immediate counter-response poured in from the Congress camp after they were left shell shocked with the press release of the documents. Union Law Minster Salman Khurshid, Minister for Environment Jayanthi Natrajan, Finance Minister P.Chidambaram and many other ministers, likewise came out in support of Robert Vadra and brushed away the allegations made by the activist turned politician, Arvind Kejriwal. Above all Anna’s support to this move by Kejriwal could be pivotal in the chronological development of this whole controversy. Stoking the fires, Arivind Kejriwal, said: ‘‘I am ready to face defamation charges if the allegations against Vadra are proved wrong. Why is the Congress silent on the merits of the case?’’

In the midst of these colossal scams, the attack by the newly formed opposition wouldn’t be innocuous and will definitely have an impounding impact on the minds of the people who are watching this political circus from the sidelines. Will Kejriwal’s vociferous actions act as an impetus for his political expedition or will he fail to win the support of the unbiased common man is currently the main political precipice.

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