The Winters Are Here Again

Posted on October 18, 2012 in Specials

By Shweta Lohia:

It has been three hours since the moon has been glowing in the sky. I am surrounded by serenity while reading my favourite novel, Arundhati Roy’s, The God Of Small Things. My mickey mouse printed quilt is providing me the much-needed warmth and comfort and soon comes a moment when you are forced to believe that life could not get any better.”Shweta beta gajar ka halwa is ready” : this is what winters mean to me and I am sure you have a lot of fond memories of this season too. So it’s now time to relive those beautiful memories.

The temperature seems to be dropping with every passing day, so it’s time to say goodbye to the scorching sun and welcome the comforting counterpart of the same as the winters are just around the corner. Delhi is famous for a lot things such as its monuments, its people with their magnanimous hearts, its posh areas, the shopping arcades and also for its crime-rate, but there is one more addition to this list: the Delhi winters. The chilly nights in Delhi are unforgettable. Right from tourists, celebrities to the locals, the dilliwalas, Delhi winters have a special place in everyone’s hearts. The first chilly breeze of the season makes you fall in love. The cool weather sans the humidity makes you feel good. The warm water baths are accompanied with a lot of sunbathing. Elaborate luncheons, picnics, bonfires and barbeques are highly popular this season. The delicious, drool-worthy dishes like gajar ka halwa, moong ki daal ka halwa, makai di roti and sarso da saag, make winters all the more irresistible and not to forget the festivals! Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Lodi and so on, are reasons why most people prefer winters over the other seasons.

But winters have a different side to them as well, the way with joys there come sorrows. Be careful this season, do not let the weather get the better of you. Prepare yourself for the icy-cold winds because without protection, winters can become brutal. Get yourself vaccinated so that you do not catch viral diseases. Cover yourself with layers of fabrics: gloves, scarves, monkey-caps are a must. Take extra care of your skin owing to the pre-dominant dryness that comes along with the winters. Also, hair woes like dandruff should be taken care of. It is seen that people often gain weight during the winters as they tend to eat more owing to the array of finger-licking dishes available to them, but one needs to check such cravings. Daily exercises will help you to stay fit and enjoy the lovely weather. So guys, since the much awaited winters are almost here, do have fun and take care.