Undergraduate Management Education – The Growing Trend #Event

Posted on October 26, 2012 in Events

By Sameeksha Jain:

“I took the road less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.”

A question that has constantly haunted mankind – What has education done to us? Why all the fuss?


Well, the answer isn’t rocket science and you can easily list down scores of things we got courtesy education: education changes the way we live, gives us a meaning, a purpose, a direction, a way of thinking, opinions – basically everything under the sun, and yes, jobs! Education gives us jobs that brings along money, status, and power!

But the question isn’t as yet fully answered!

Now, imagine a flock of sheep moving around, one following the other, each with its head facing downwards, moving in groups, all together, doing the same thing, each looking and acting just like the other. In short, showcasing their herd mentality! We would have been akin to this, had it not been for education. So this is what education has done for us?

It has given us individuality!

More often than not, we are stuck up in a rigid and straight-jacket system, with minimal scope of creativity. This is true for a school student more than anyone else. They are stuck up in the cram-it-vomit-it-crack-it-forget-it cycle that does nothing more than exercising their memorising skills. Caught up in this whirlpool, they don’t even consider moving out, and hence, carry forward their ‘legacy’ of rote learning, into their sphere of higher education as well. We get marks, we top exams, but what do we really get any practical know-how? Hence, we can be equated to the sun, in the sense that we have a potential that is abundant, yet unused!

It is in the search of this practical exposure that most students take up an MBA course, in their post-graduation. But in the recent years, the enthusiastic progeny of the coming generations are eager and all set to take up these professional skills at a younger age. In fact they are now better equipped to face the challenges that come along with it.

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, a premier undergraduate management institute, is constantly driven by the endeavour to impart extraordinary undergraduate management education, with the vision of creating a practically aware and active youth force. The annual flagship event of the college, Prodigy, with a 5 year track record of success, targets all the major schools of Delhi and NCR in an endeavour to give school students an insight into the world of management and an opportunity to unleash their creative prowess. This one-of-its-kind school event hosted by the college is a platform for school students to act professionally and experience a practical-knowledge based world at the school level through various competitions. To put their business insight to trial, they have Acumen, the business quiz. For, all those who wish to pose as corporate giants; Corporate Fusion is the competition to look forward to. Finally, comes the classic and ever-popular stock-simulation game, Bull’s Eye. So, there’s something, for everyone. Bridging the gap between schools and the corporates, here’s presenting, the sixth edition of Prodigy’12, it’s time to ‘Think Business’.

Date: 31st October 2012
Venue: NCUI Auditorium, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi
Time: 8:00a.m. — 4:00p.m

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