“Why Topple Me, Just Because I Am A Woman” : Australian PM Answers Back

Posted on October 19, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Vivek Sugandh

The depraved Political Scenario in Australia has been hitting the Top headlines of all Newspapers. The tragic confrontation between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott has been the hotbed of all the contentions in Australia. The Prime Minister and the Leader of The Opposition are haggled in a fierce political encounter. The Battle has become more gruesome because both the sides have started making tragic remarks on their Personal Lives. The First Woman Prime Minister of Oz has always been hailed as a Lady with a candid appearance and mesmerizing oration skills, whereas her detractor Mr. Tony Abbott has been considered as a person creating impediments within. The opposition has been found guilty of badgering her from a long time. Recently, Ms. PM vociferously launched a blistering attack over the Opposition Leader in the name of Sexism and misogyny. She gave a soul-stirring speech on Oct 10 in a debate relating to removal of the Speaker (Mr. Peter Slipper) in the House, who was accused of sending nefarious text infected with the topics of sexism and misogyny to his staff members. Gillard voted against the resolution to sack the Speaker. This baffled the opposition and Ms. Gillard was blamed for being biased regarding the concept of Sexism. In counterattack, Ms. Gillard fired barrage of ripostes over the Leader of Opposition by poorly acknowledging him as a misogynistic man who does not want to see a woman at the pinnacle. She further reiterated “I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. I will not”. She boisterously said, pointing at Abbott. “And the government will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. Not now, not ever. If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives. He needs a mirror”. These epic words will be penned down in the history of world politics and Ms. Gillard will be looked as a Leader infused with legions of confidence and deadly attitude.

This Ferocious combat by the lady comes after lots of foul created by Tony Abbott by stalling the PM through his impartial remarks. The PM complained that she was severely offended by the Tony Abbott who openly flouted “Ditch the Witch” terminology against her. He also commented upon the superiority of Australian Man over the Woman by stating that Men are physically and technically superior to exercise power. He pumped out his acrimony by dragging her Father into the morass by saying that her Father must have died of Shame. How painful infliction it would have been to a daughter whose Great Father demised recently. These allegations have debunked Mr. Tony as an amateur politician. These cheap remarks from a leader of such high stature are really bashful and appalling. He further humiliated her by calling her “deliberately barren” and a Man’s bitch as she isn’t married and has a live-in partner. How anguishing it sounds that the Political attire inculcates such perilous character in a person that he starts questioning about one’s personal life. Who is Mr. Abbott to decide about what PM is? However, She like a maestro Politician battled it out by saying that neither the Government and nor his Father died of shame but Mr. Tony has brought a lot of shame to his position as a leader of opposition. She vandalized his image by igniting old stories that the opposition leader has said in 2004 that “Abortion is the easy way out” in a discussion relating to aggravated condition of women in Australia. She also questioned his conduct regarding the Political representation of Women in his party. She criticized him of adopting a double standards and a person duped in hypocrisy. She also said that the resolutions passed by the opposition leader should not be taken seriously as he himself was a very close friend of Mr. Slipper. Mr. Abbott like a crestfallen soul was listening as a dumb spectator as if bomb lasted by the deadly blows of PM.
The opposition Leader must understand that these mournful allegations are not going to do any good to his vote bank, instead it would only make her earn commiseration and support from the Global Fraternity. These Filthy remarks from his side have given him an image of a veil villain not fit for the Political world. This tragic onslaught in the parliament has really tarnished the image of such pious place, which has been fumed with the raucous voices. Gillard appears to be an epitome lady who serves as a potent inspiration for every leader in this world. She has turbulently flouted the misnomer that Females can be easily suppressed. She also laments upon the prevailing precarious condition of Woman representation in World Politics and other Top bureaucratic Positions.
The Opposition leader is found guilty of polluting the Parliament with the hue and cry of dirty politics. On the other hand, the impeccable tirade by Ms. Gillard has won her laurels all around the world. She has earned several accolades because it’s really very heartening to see a Woman shattering his Male counterpart who is suffering from an evil contagion. She has got lots of encomiums from media and has rocked the social networking sites and twitter. It has been further lauded that Mr. Obama, who was openly crumbled by his Presidential opponent Mitt Romney in a recent debate should learn lessons from his Australian counterpart. Even our Prime Minister, who has been devastatingly branded as the frailest PM in Indian History should learn eloquence skills from this Australian Iron Lady. Her elephantine calibre sets an example for all others who find themselves distressed in lurch. She vehemently said that she will always be offended by any content which is anti-woman. It’s really a benchmark for all females to combat against the unfair behaviour which has been looming largely over them from the very past. She would serve as a Paragon by giving inspiration to all Women. This speech will must ignite the fire all over the world regarding the Male preponderance. Mr. Gillard hailed South Asian Countries for producing veterans like Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto and Sonia Gandhi.
Australia too, like our Indian Society is suffocated with baseless ethos and restricts the role of a women to a homemaker. A successful Woman becomes so fragile and prone to malicious attacks from people like Abbott. But Ms. Gillard has shattered all such crap beliefs by giving a dauntless answer to him. The current visit of Oz’s PM to India is cynosure of all eyes as Women Reservation Bill is still stranded in the Indian Parliament. Her oration makes it very pellucid that she was born to be a leader instilled with extraordinaire character and un-paralleled tactics. However, the recent melodrama in Australian Parliament also depicts the defied image of Politics. These raunchiest statements by Opposition leader blatantly brings out the current dilapidated condition of Global Politics. It appears as if making personal afflictions has become the custom in Politics. Whether it is US, India or Australia, every nation is troubled with this remorseful practice. Ms. Gillard has created a belligerent atmosphere by her valiant attitude echoing all over the world stating “You have no pride Mr. Abbott. Why topple me, just because I am a Woman”. Truly Ma’am, You nailed it!