Youth Ki Awaaz Wins Young Innovators Competition by ITU, United Nations

Posted on October 19, 2012 in The Opinionated, Youth Ki Awaaz news

ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology. For over 145 years, ITU has coordinated the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoted international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, worked to improve communication infrastructure in the developing world, and established the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems.

As a part of ITU Telecom World, ITU explored the radical transformation of the ICT industry and the implications for policy, regulation and competitive strategy – and also ran the known Young Innovators Competition to recognize and award 12 of the best ICT projects from around the world - focused towards development. The competition was organized alongside the ITU Telecom World in Dubai, between 14th to 18th October, 2012.

Nearly 400 young entrepreneurs from 77 countries around the world submitted innovative ICT-based early concepts or mature projects – demonstrating how fresh thinking and talent for technology can provide real-world solutions to real-world problems and change the future for the better.

We are extremely proud to announce that Youth Ki Awaaz has been amongst the winners of the ITU Young Innovators Competition – as a path breaking innovation to enable youth opinions and participation on the most pertinent issues – an innovation towards development.

As one of the jury members described Youth Ki Awaaz, “I believe that Youth Ki Awaaz is a combination of the Huffington Post and Pro Publica – for the youth”, we are extremely humbled to have received this award and the honour.

Youth Ki Awaaz is run by you, and millions of others like you. We pump your opinions, stir discussions on topics which never gained mainstream importance, and enable a conversation – which for us is the first step towards any kind of change.

As we move ahead from here, Youth Ki Awaaz will grow, not just in numbers, but also in concept and strength. As you have always supported us and gotten us thus far, we’d love your support in the future as well. All this, because and for you!

Thank you for believing in us – as we shall believe in the youth! Keep contributing.

Yours sincerely,
Anshul Tewari
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth

PS: Youth Ki Awaaz is hiring!