Arvind Kejriwal Is On Which Side?

Posted on November 6, 2012 in Politics

By Himanshu Sharma:

Every public or private figure faces opposition and allegations. There are just so many beliefs & reasons for people to differ on issues. Everyone finds his or her logic/reason, most just. Of course it is often said that truth is relative, or was it position in Newton’s law?

Anyways, let’s talk about man of the hour, Arvind Kejriwal. I shall talk about allegations he is facing today and my outlook on them. Mind it, these are my personal views and I shall talk about only allegations worth discussing not like why AK doesn’t pay for chutney while eating a samosa. So here is the list I generally come across:

1) He is BJP B-Team

Well, it was difficult to counter until recently when AK stood up against BJP president. Since then media and everyone took up and carried the issue further. Those who claim that AK’s allegations against Gadkari were weak, will at least agree that he was THE match stick which started jungle fire which now shadows his political career. That too within a month. From almost getting second term as president to liability on party, Gadkari has much to curse about AK.

2) He is deploying blame & run strategy or running his own media court trials

Consider two things. First, this is an effective strategy from point of view of AK the politician. Also now people are standing up to discuss topics which no one dared to touch. So far, all of his allegations are turning out to be correct, Vadra, Gadkari or Khurshid and now Reliance.

So I ask you is there any other way? Going to court you say. I believe our legal system delivers, but it delivers quite late. Even then AK doesn’t just blames, he gives enough evidence to least provide a ground for legal inquiry which anyone can take up. He needs to win the war, not just small battles. Any leader or anyone who has problems with this strategy only needs to prove him wrong once and he will lose his credibility. Anyone taking this dare? Till then, GO AK !!!

3) He is Congress B-Team

Now this is most interesting. BJP supporters found basis to claim there is a hidden agenda of AK and he is stooge of Congress. They argue that AK will divide opposition votes putting congress in better position. Another that as government never takes action against him, hence he is congress supported. Marvellous logic, isn’t it?

My counter is based on three points:

1.  I generally give credit to congress for undisputed leadership and making ground by keeping people poor & illiterate. Even thinking congress is so smart that they turned an RTI/Lokpal activist into politician to divide opposition votes, is giving too much credit to them.

2.  BJP doesn’t need anyone to damage their position, they are doing it themselves. That too quite wonderfully. They are party of many PM in line.

3. Opposition is already much divided among various parties and region. BJP itself can’t make government. NDA is breaking apart from JD(U) to Shivsena to Akali Dal.

Well, I won’t talk about allegations regarding his service or finance. He is most open and transparent politician there is. If you just bluntly refuse to read facts and keep on blaming, then better avoid you. Because if you argue with a fool, he first brings us and the argument to his level and then beats you with experience. So no sense. Just go through his website, you shall find all answers.

I would like to conclude with one point; the whole aim of this political revolution (yes this is a revolution) is not to put IAC party in power but change the whole system and make it more democratic. Aim is very simple:

1) Encourage and make even playground for anyone to contest.
2) Make government more accountable.

People argue that IAC doesn’t have a proper manifesto on foreign policy, education etc. Well, IAC just say that whatever is promised, will be fulfilled instead of a booklet of false promises.

AK is on our side. We the people.