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Barack Obama, Mohammad Azharuddin, IRCTC and Guatemala #Twitter Trends

Posted on November 9, 2012 in Specials

By Shivangi Singh:

“Four more years”Barack Obama

Take a bow Mr. Obama; you are a true Twitter Hero!
If putting up a Tweet is the first thing you do after winning the grandest Presidential election in the whole world, you deserve a fitting salute. Probably that’s the reason why Barack Obama remains the top Twitter trend internationally, even after more than 24 hours of his landmark achievement. Have a look:

US Politician Beau Biden – “Proud to wake up to 4 more years of @BarackObama’s and my father @JoeBiden’s leadership. Thank you to all who helped make this happen. –BB”

@AustinHess“Let’s give Barack Obama a chance. He inherited an awful mess from his predecessor, Barack Obama.”

Mohammad Azharuddin trended on Twitter following Andhra Pradesh High Court’s order which cleared him of match-fixing charges. In its statement HC mentioned that the life ban on the cricketer is illegal. Here are a few Twitter reactions he got:

@AListRap– “Glad ban on Mohammad Azharuddin got lifted. Always thought he got a raw deal. Many forget he was our most successful captain till Ganguly.”

@Old_Monk60“Mohammad Azharuddin can now endorse that advertisement he turned down for Dr. Fixit before.”

In a rather funny turn of events, IRCTC made news just because it remained trending on Twitter thanks to the quick-witted tweets it gathered owing to the festive rush for reservations, especially those in the ‘Tatkal’ category, and the cumbersome website it has. Talk about being famous on and because of our favourite microblogging giant! Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

@fakingnews– “Why is IRCTC trending? Someone finally booked a tatkal ticket in one attempt?”

@waatho– “Einstein: when an object moves at the speed of light, time dilates (slows to a standstill). IRCTC proves the same for stationary objects too”

@Rajaism– “IRCTC is trying to win million hearts with its slogan – “We are against reservations!!”

If you thought Tweeples are just a bunch of witty, cool people without any emotional connect to the world, you stand corrected as Guatemala trended all day. Well wishes and prayers kept pouring in for those who lost their loved ones in the massive earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale:

@JulianMarley– “My heart goes to everyone in the earth quake in Guatemala I pray for all. Build together. Are you ok?”

@Britteny_Mosses“Pray for Guatemala who suffered a 7.4 earthquake! #UnashamedImpact”

We at Youth Ki Awaaz send our most heartfelt wishes to Guatemala-the land, the people!