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Drive Of Emotional Streak: Emotional Quotient Before IQ

Posted on November 8, 2012 in Specials

By Charu Sharma:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
-Antoine de Saint Exupery

Ever came across personalities with brilliant logistic mind, scoring high on Intelligence Quotient when tested but unsuccessful in social interactions and relationships? Saying that sadly they are not very good with people, would be an understatement. Things done by them would unknowingly or knowingly reflect a not so positive attitude toward others. Eventually, an arrogant reflection erupts as they make their presence. No doubt, they are smart on intellectualism; such people are well aware of their self belief and make sure people around them notice, too. To some extent it signifies their emotional unstable attributes. The stage comes when incapability of restraining temper or impulsive streak leads to an evident contradicting behaviour. Taking all this into account, brilliance is accepted without any doubt, but only in certain respects, in others, in the crude terms there is a reflection of true backwardness.

One would encounter personalities around making us aware of another kind of intelligence- ‘Emotional Quotient’, quite distinct from that measured by IQ tests. As a matter of fact, renowned psychologist- Daniel Goleman has argued strongly that this kind of intelligence is essentially important for a content, productive life. So, it does justify the severe engagement of everyone on virtual social sites. In contrast to IQ, Emotional Intelligence deals with inbuilt ‘émouvoir/emotion’ attributes in humans which help them to act under stable senses in social or work related dealings. Some people achieve far beyond what we might expect from them based on their circumstances and innate abilities, and some thrive in a modern environment that seems intent on preventing them from even surviving.

In contrast to those who have a knack of getting along with others, some seem to make a mess of virtually all their personal relationships; they keep on searching the missing piece in their life. This is where the need of emotional brilliance arises. Our EQ is more important to our happiness, success and health more than our IQ. Alone the reasonability, idealism and rationality would result into a creation of a social animal into a materialistic being, hence leading to unhappiness breed. But again one cannot access the level of a correct intensity of one’s emotions; only the result and relationships can make us aware of our stable mind and normality.

Surviving in the evolution of time and path ahead of us, our work is important to us, but our home is where we live. If our relationships at home aren’t going well, nothing at work will matter. It is true, most of the time we don’t get along at one place, we keep on juggling our thoughts from one point to other, as the result we end up ruining every possible scope of sticking to on firm emotion toward a particular situation. With the changing time, cultural diversity also calls for high EQ.

The next phase of human evolution will depend upon a decline in individualistic competitiveness and an increase in collective action. The outburst of challenges will lead to the domination of EQ; it will be valued more over the intelligence measured by IQ tests.